TRON announces its new Bitcoin Layer 2 Solution and roadmap

TRON recently announced its new Bitcoin Layer 2 solution and roadmap on X/Twitter. The solution will decentralize and intertwine various tokens on the TRON network.

The tokens will include stablecoins, merging TRON with the BTC network, and related L2s, like Bitcoin Ordinals. The integration will interlink TRON and Bitcoin while also offering access to 55 billion dollars in value for Bitcoin.

Thus, the development will inject financial vitality into Bitcoin, helping the overall industry. The announcement has boosted TRX’s price by 1.37% in the past 24 hours. The coin is currently trading at 0.1319 dollars, with 7.81% growth in the past week. According to the latest TRON forecast, the coin is expected to reach 0.172 dollars in 2024.

Coming back to the latest announcement, TRON also talked about the roadmap for its plans. The tweets read that BTC has been made accessible via cross-chains to TRON while exchanges are fueling conversions.

In the first stage of TRON’s roadmap, Bitcoin network-based assets will be bridged to TRON. Networks will make adjustments to integrate different TRON tokens, like SUN, TRX, USDT, USDC, BTT, WIN, NFT, etc., into the BTC network using cross-chains.

The integration will help TRON tokens interoperate and interact with the BTC network. TRON plans to invest in user-centric tools and wallets to support BRC-20 tokens. It signifies TRON DAO’s entry into Bitcoin L2 solutions and Ordinals.

In the second stage, TRON will join hands with different BTC L2 protocols. The partnerships will help users partake in staking activities throughout different Bitcoin L2 networks. It will support the growth of the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem with TRON’s asset portfolio.

In the third stage, an L2 solution will be announced that will integrate BTTC, BTC, and TRON networks. The solution will come with a protocol that is compatible with Bitcoin and can maintain the low fees and speed of POS systems. The protocol will also follow the safety measures of UTXO and POW while working with Bitcoin L2 solutions.

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