Tron CEO Justin Sun Donates A Million And A Half To Hupan University Founded By Jack Ma

Cryptocurrencies have been revolutionizing sectors across the globe and have their presence in almost every industry today. Right from healthcare to pharma, banking and finance to agriculture, cryptocurrencies, and underlying blockchain are being utilized extensively.

One such sector, where blockchain has been particularly beneficial, is education. The blockchain is modern technology, and most stalwarts of the blockchain space are young and understand the need of blockchain education extremely well. Therefore, over the years, blockchain companies have either poured in money or have created infrastructure for various institutions globally. Also, investing and money in educating children will also help companies fulfill the shortage of skillful workers, which is hugely felt in the blockchain space.

Following the trend, Tron and BitTorrent CEO, Justin Sun has donated over $1.5 million to the Hupan University, which was founded by Alibaba Chief Jack Ma. Alibaba’s co-founder established the Hupan University in 2015. The main aim behind creating the university was to provide skilled professionals and help to various businesses. The University also aims to impart core business skills in small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, which are required for the efficient administration of the business.

The fresh contributions from Tron will be used to support a new batch of 41 students belonging to 14 industries. Half of these 41 belong to the internet sector and the remaining from traditional businesses. Speaking on the topic of the university’s role in personality development, Tron CEO said,

“Hupan University made a huge impact and difference to me and the company. Without Hupan, Tron will not be what it is today. My entrepreneurship was enlightened and developed there.”

Like any other innovative and budding technology, blockchain also has been facing the shortage of a skilled workforce. Being just ten years old, the technology has been adopted at school or university level yet. Moreover, the knowledge regarding the distributed ledger technology outside the space is quite sparse, which makes imparting students blockchain education.

This makes it even more important for crypto and blockchain stalwarts to invest in schools, take part in various programmes, and help schools and colleges in setting up a relevant syllabus for students. Adoption of blockchain technology among educational organizations is fast becoming a common norm. The innovative tech is not only implemented in the curriculum, but also in blockchain security.

Earlier this year in February, Sony, the Japanese electronics giant and IT equipment services company Fujitsu collaborated to create an encrypted database for educational purposes. Using the database, Japanese language schools can use the database to compare certificates with the information available on the blockchain and verify the authenticity of the documents submitted.

One of the most prestigious colleges in Asia, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta collaborated earlier this year with TalentSpirit, a training platform, and started offering an advanced course on fintech and distributed ledger. This course will commence in May this year. The program is targeted towards working professionals engaged in management and finance. It will educate participants on financial technologies and blockchain growth, focusing on their potential impact on global banking and finance industry.


Justin Sun rose to prominence during the initial Bitcoin boom. Sun invested a year’s college tuition fees in Bitcoins, in the year 2011, and encased it in 2014, becoming another rag to riches story. Following his success with Bitcoins, Sun founded Peiwo, which is considered to be Snapchat of China. After this, Sun founded his own blockchain platform TRON Foundation and created the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency. He then acquired BitTorrent files sharing platform and launched the BitTorrent Token (BTT).

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