Tron Coin Price Analysis: TRX’s Nervous $0.032 to Go away Soon

  • Tron (TRX) again falls back from 0.033 USD to 0.032 USD.
  • With -70.20%, TRX coin to be around $0.009 by end of 2019.

Tron (TRX) has again gone down to 0.032 USD from yesterdays’ high 0.033 USD. In the last 24 hours, the coin has lost significantly and gradually. We can see 6 huge price variations in the last 24 hours, which must have given tough times for the intraday traders. However, the near future of Tron (TRX) is bright and bullish. By the starting of the next week, the Tron coin is likely to go back to its previous 0.033 USD or even more. By the end of this year, the coin may become more stable than it is today. The 2019 target price should be 0.006 USD. Let us analyze the current details of the coin.

TRX/USD YTD Chart By TradingView

Tron Price Chart - 14 June 2019

Tron Coin Statistics-

  • The ROI (Return on Investment) stands at 1,435.01%.
  • A total of 66,682,072,191 TRX coins are in current circulation.
  • The market cap as on 14th June at 16:42:17 UTC stands at 2,099,599,199 USD.
  • The value of each TRX coin stands at 0.03097233 USD.
  • The 24h volume stands at 742,921,633 USD.

TRX Coin Comparison-

Tron (TRX) has shown many huge price variations in the last 5 months since 2019. The 1st major variation was when the coin lost one-fourth of its value in just 4 days. And it happened in the 1st week of January itself. After that, the coin managed to grow for some days to fall again. This fall was done consistently over 43 days, and the coin lost 24.70% in this period. By the middle March, the TRX coin again showed strength and gained 36.24% in the next 28 days until 08th April. On 22nd May there was a huge gain made by the TRON coin which pushed the value to YTD high. That gain of 43.80%was made over 11 days, which pushed the coin to 0.038 USD. The market cap on 14th May was 1,685,033,254 USD, and the value of each Tron coin was 0.02729822 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin are 27.84% and 17.52% more than the figures for last month.

Tron Price Prediction-

The medium-term outlook is bullish for Tron coin in the second half of 2019. As per our TRON Price Prediction, the forecast for TRX coin at the beginning of July 2019 may reach $0.02. By the end of this year, the value may roam around $0.009 with the change of -70.20%.


For intraday traders, the best time is yet to come. Long-term holders will be profited.

Mehak Punjabi

Mehak Punjabi is a post graduate in MBA with specialization in Finance and has joined CryptonewsZ with a skill building view in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She is dynamic and a quick learner with a hold on financial analysis.

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