Tron Continues to Add More Feathers to Its Cap: DApps on the Network Hits 569

Justin Sun’s Tron has always made it a point to ensure that avant-garde developments and updates take center stage in their blockchain arena. And now, the company behind the 14th placed cryptocurrency makes another splash with its network boasting impressive numbers throughout the spectrum. According to recent reports, the popularity of Decentralized Applications of TRON has only continued to grow over the last quarter.

Tron Foundation’s official Twitter handle tweeted yesterday that the number of DApps on the Tron platform reached 569 in total. Besides, the quantity, as well as volume of transactions, have prominently spiked off late, now maintaining at a stable level. The firm is welcoming more developers and users to further boost the growth of DApps by leveraging the Tron ecosystem.

The first DApp to be added to Tron’s list this week was Empower Wallet. The decentralized wallet, supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, allows DApps from other blockchains to interact with each other coupled with seamless and secure user services. Knightlands, a classic RPG game, was the second to make it to Tron’s list of DApps this week. In this game, players fight their companions in PvP mode and they can even trade in the game’s built-in market trading system. Another multiplayer online social game built on the Tron blockchain is FaceWorths. Users upload their face photos to the app and other users pay 30 TRX to rate the photo. About one-third of the players would win TRX rewards from other players.

Behind this surge in the number of DApps on the Tron, blockchain is a bunch of projects which were executed to escalate Tron’s presence in the cryptocurrency domain. Recent releases from Tron like the SUN Network, BitTorrent Live, BitTorrent File System, and BitTorrent Speed has resulted in successfully pulling up TRX’s price that had been on a downward slope.

Also recently, the total number of transactions on Tron’s blockchain surpassed 80 million. The numbers well align with Justin Sun’s goals, who believes that transaction numbers and the number of users on the network play a crucial role in ensuring that the digital currency’s ‘mainstream adoption’ is achieved.


Scott Cook

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