TRON continues to hold dominance in the stablecoin landscape

TRON is continuing to hold dominance in stablecoin dominance. The stablecoin managed to stay strong in the second half of 2023 as well. 

A new report by Reflexivity Research revealed that stablecoin TVL rose to an all-time high of 48 billion dollars. Out of this amount, USDT makes up for 94%. The tweet by Reflexivity stated that TRON is still dominating the landscape.

The platform even released a full-fledged report to dictate why TRON is capable of doing so. TRX, the native crypto of the network, is used to facilitate transactions in the ecosystem.

Its remarkably low transaction cost averages around 0.000005 dollars per transaction. Rapid block production allows TRON Network to enhance its attractiveness for users and developers.

The network also offers ease of scalability, mainly attributed to its DPoS consensus mechanism. This is a true testament to its commitment to adaptability and growth. 

Coming back to TRON’s market performance, even TRON DAO praised the network. The official X/Twitter account of TRON DAO released a tweet to do so. Reflexivity Research’s information was reiterated in the tweet.

As per the tweet, USDT holders have witnessed a whopping 130% increase. Similarly, TRON’s stablecoin TVL reached a 48 billion-dollar height. 

This is not where TRON intends to stop, as the network is planning an airdrop in January 2024. The TRON $TRX airdrop will honor the crypto community’s loyalty via complimentary tokens.

The airdrop is offering 1,500 tokens along with comprehensive decision-making powers on TRON. The network has curated a dedicated page for the airdrop. No official date has been released for the event, but it will take place in January 2024.


Seeing how active TRON is, the network is expected to break through even better numbers in 2024.

Trevor Holman

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