TRON DAO and GT Protocol enter into a partnership

TRON DAO has announced its partnership with GT Protocol. This empowers its users to access AI-powered automation, making it convenient for users to explore the ecosystem of Tron. GT Protocol has echoed this announcement, saying that the integration is a result of incubation by ChainGPT. It will now provide AI execution technology and a non-custodial Web3 gateway to the community of TRON DAO.

The partnership details are limited and expected to be rolled out in depth in the coming days.

The communities on both sides are excited, something that is evident from their reaction to the announcement. For instance, members of TRON DAO have congratulated the team for this milestone, while others have said that they are now looking forward to seeing incredible advancements under partnership, especially in automation.

Similarly, members of the GT Protocol community have said that they are rocking and must keep up with such advancements. Another member has even said that this is a dream-come-true moment for them.

TRON DAO is fresh from hosting the fifth season of HackaTRON. The event began on July 6, 2023, and will conclude on October 5, 2023. Winners share a portion of the price pool, which is 500,000 USDD. Moreover, winners stand a chance to enter into funding opportunities led by Huobi Ventures and TRON DAO Ventures.

Meanwhile, GT Protocol has announced that it is undergoing a phase to rebrand GT Protocol. The process is in full swing, per the announcement, adding that the team is not going to stop there. Meaning, more developments are expected to be announced and launched.

Regarding the integration, ChainGPT has stated that they will now stretch the boundaries of AI further to ensure the partnership’s integrity. ChainGPT will endeavor to establish new Web3 standards.

GT Protocol is also fresh from obtaining 91 points from AskmeAI, an Artificial Intelligence. This signals that the project has been duly examined for pre-sale projects. GT Protocol, interestingly, has earned the highest number of points. No other platform has come closer to the AskmeAI review in this matter.

On September 30, 2023, the GT Protocol community went through a pivotal moment. As per the announcement, that is when GT Protocol launched its DAO to commence the first-ever voting process. This officially empowers its supporters to shape the future of the project.


The TRON network recently announced hosting 6.5 billion transactions, saying that it is just the beginning. The network has sought everyone’s support in joining the community to build an innovative project. TronScan announced that the ecosystem is growing steadily, considering there are 187 million accounts and 6.5 billion transactions in total.

Tron has, moreover, been listed as a nominee along with Justin Sun for the Blockchain Life Awards. Users can cast their votes to make Tron Layer-1 of the Year and Justin Sun Crypto Entrepreneur of the Year.

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