TRON Decentralized Apps are Gaining Stronghold in the Market

Crypto market is still not in a bullish mood but, a few products and currencies are still making progress. TRON DApp is one of them. As per the recent reports, the active TRON users are spending more than $100 a day in the market and definitely adding to the market share of the DApp. The TRON Foundation is the creator of TRON DApp.

As per the recent market statistics and performance, it is visible that TRON DApps are making their move. They are witnessing a rise in market share after the previous year. As indicated by the recent market data, TRON DApp active users are spending on an average of around $102 TRX per day on DApps. This average spending is exclusive of the expense done on the other apps. Many DApps are present in the market and on the platform, but TRON DApps are attracting thousands of users daily.

TRON blockchain platform is one of the largest smart contract platforms in terms of its market capitalization. It has also become one of the fastest growing companies in the global crypto space.  Recently, TRON purchased an open source media and file sharing platform BitTorrent

This acquisition is considered as one of the milestones in the TRON business journey.

After Bitcoin made a name and also contributed a lot in the creation of global crypto space, Ethereum, an altcoin, came to the picture and became the second largest crypto in the world. TRON is known in the market as the successor of Ethereum. The organization has created an ecosystem which is used by N number of users.

DApp Review publishes the recent news reporting an increase in the TRON DApp market share. The website posted a tweet on April 1st stating that over $11 million was totally spent on Tron DApps in one day. It also said that in those 24 hours, more than 70,000 users spent over 450 million TRX on TRON DApps which are around 230 in numbers.

The three TRON DApps which raised the most of the revenue were – TRONbet, TronBank, and one more DApp named TRONRAIDER1. Users have reportedly spent around $5.4 million, $1.6 million, and $760,000, respectively on these apps.

If we go by active users, EOS DApps had more active users in comparison with TRON; however, TRON DApps had more transaction volume as compared to EOS DApps. EOS DApps most probably have suffered loss due to drawbacks like higher transaction costs.

However, one cannot claim that one TRON DApps are better than EOS DApps. Both of the platforms have DApps with some or other attractive features. Factors like active users, transaction volume and cost, are small factors differentiating these DApps.

The website who made this report also said that the amount of cryptocurrency spent on TRON DApps is considered significant, not just that, but the technicalities and programming of the platform has improved too; the ecosystem of the decentralized blockchain platform is getting better.

Even TRON Foundation has also published its latest weekly report saying that its platform at present hosts 236 DApps and has more than 500 smart contracts, along with 14 decentralized exchanges.

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