TRON ecosystem delivers RWA product stUSDT

TRON ecosystem successfully delivers its first Real World Asset (RWA) product, stUSDT, that is functioning via JustLend, which is a decentralized platform. As per the Founder of TRON, Justin Sun, the stUSDT will be similar to Alipay’s Yu’e Bao from the Alibaba stable. He believes it will be a link between conventional markets and blockchain ecosystems. Crypto users will benefit by obtaining multiple options. 

From the 10th of July, 2023, the stUSDT platform will be introducing a welcome drive which will be providing an added APY reaching 10%. Users will come in for discounts related to redemption fees of stUSDT. This exercise will carry on for a period of one month. stUSDT comes with an extensive user base and a market cap amounting to $50 billion worth of stablecoin.

The aim of the stUSDT platform is to bring together the retail investors and the institutional ones and simultaneously link the crypto arena with the real world. The platform also encourages investments in RWAs where they are tokenized and offered to the community. 

stUSDT is basically a decentralized token that acts as proof of investment in RWAs. The owners of the token come in for passive earnings via real time assets. The token has been delivered by RWA DAO and is run by JustLend DAO, which has the most TVL on TRON

It has been observed that with the introduction of liquidity mining, the doors have opened for a much boosted decentralized lending market. At a time when the interest rates pertaining to real time were seemingly less, liquidity was shifting in the direction of on-chain DeFi lending markets. Presently, however, real time assets have a firmer standing. 

The DeFi arena is inclined towards the RWAs for entering fresh markets. The TRON based stUSDT is akin to Yu’e Bao of Web3, which makes it possible for it to follow in the footsteps of Alipay.

Further, like Alipay’s Yu’e Bao, stUSDT provides the opportunity for users to be able to connect with passive earnings, while withdrawing their assets in a safe and secure environment via blockchain technology. 

An array of options opens up for users through the offering of stUSDT to link on-chain assets with real time assets. The platform is user friendly and connects conventional finance with blockchain. With the onboarding of more blockchain users, the TRON DAO community will witness further growth. 

The platform, besides being the first RWA platform on the TRON network, also offers a safe method for blockchain users connecting with real-time assets via decentralized smart contracts. The primary aim is to set up a decentralized RWA investment, as well as a management system, and introduce real-time assets to the TRON ecosystem.   

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