Tron Foundation Announces Top 5 Winners of Community Developers Incentives Program

TRON Foundation has announced the news of the Five Lucky Winners of its highly anticipated TRON Core Developers Incentives Program. The event which was kickstarted two months back has witnessed widescale participation from the developers worldwide.

Through an official tweet on the TRON Foundation official page, the firm announced the names of the top five winners whose projects outshined other developers’ solutions being submitted by the end of November 30, 2019.

The names of the top five winners of the Community Developers Incentives Programme are:

  1. Richardhallhall who has won 200 USDT
  2. Zara-lang who has won 180 USDT
  3. Tronalex who has won 150 USDT
  4. Parachuteuk who has won 120 USDT
  5. tomos01 who has won 100USDT

The firm has sent its heartiest congratulations to the winners through its post. It has advised the winners to claim their rewards by sending an email describing their USDT address to [email protected] The winners have to send this email via the email they used during the event by the end of December 10, 2019. The cash reward will be sent to the winners in the form of USDT by the month-end.

The post encouraged the participants who failed to grab a position in the top 5 this time. The platform has asked the participants to continue to earn points to win a reward slated for next month or the quarterly reward.

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