Tron Foundation Collaborating With Japanese Regulators

The Tron foundation of Justin Sun issues a statement on the Japanese market saying the foundation will be collaborating with Japanese Regulators. This statement was released following the whole fiasco of the company with the Tesla drawing, though the ICO regulations are yet to be finalized by the Japanese government. One of the recent advancement in the story is the set of guidelines issued by a local blockchain business association.

No more gambling

Discouraging the Japanese dApp developers who tried to create gambling out of it, Tron Foundation wrote a note to the Tron community. They wrote in the note,

“TRON suggests Japanese DApp developers not develop any gambling DApps on TRON’s platform […] TRON suggests developers who are working on gambling [sic] apps block users with Japanese IP addresses. Please do not facilitate the use of gambling apps among Japanese users.”

Contradicting the note, the Tron Foundation has decided to get associated with Japanese regulators if any issues arise. The note by the Tron foundation seemed a bit out of nowhere as the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies by the Japanese Govt. is still under process. According to the reports, consisting of gambling and “high-risk investment” platforms, the Tron platform remains under high risk.

Cutting Tron’s growth off the knees

The dApp growth of the cryptocurrency Ethereum is slower due to many factors that add to it; some of these factors is the risk of using Ethereum ethnology and currency for dApps. Moreover, the risk of using Ethereum for dApps comes from the factor that the base value of the cryptocurrency token is much higher. As per the statement by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum says, “platforms like Tron and EOS as centralized piles of trash.” It is supposed to be so due to the architectural structure if their network. He also says that the architecture of their systems might be semi-centralized, completely deferring from the decentralized nature of Ethereum.

However, chain gambling is more preferred by the users as they give instant and fast results. The results can be as quick as just 15 seconds of confirmation can be a downside or a drawback for many users.

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