Tron Founder Unveils SUN Network Version 1.0, DAppchain MainNet to Follow Soon!

Tron Founder Justin Sun has yet again captured all the attention from the crypto and blockchain community. TRON has officially launched Sun Network’s code version 1.0. For all those left amused, Sun Network is a side chain solution of TRON, considered one of the biggest blockchain projects in the world. Tron Founder shared the update with the Twitter community followed by a detailed blog post on Medium on 11th August 2019.

Tron Founder Unveils SUN Network Version 1.0, DAppchain MainNet to Follow Soon!

Designed to be a scaling solution, Sun Network has been developed to broaden the TRON MainNet’s capacity, including a string of scaling projects like DAppchain and cross-chain communications. Being a side chain scaling plan, DAppchain is designed for providing TRON MainNet with an unlimited scaling potential in order to support an increasing number of transactions. It is also aimed at allowing decentralized applications to run on Tron with increased efficiency and higher security at reduced energy consumption.

What’s worth noting is that in comparison with other scaling projects, the Sun Network demonstrates two remarkable features. The first is the support it offers to smart contract transactions, concentrating on enhancing its TPS on the MainNet and decreasing the transaction fees.

The second feature is more customizable needs can be supported by the side chain such as forming transaction rates, side-chain perks, the speed of transaction confirmation, along with other parameters that cater to the individual requirements of developer groups.

Moreover, the solution will also open additional prospects for the TRON DApps as well as the whole ecosystem’s development. However, while thriving the network of TRON, the solution intends to make positive impacts on the entire blockchain space as well.

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