TRON has Recently Joined Unikrn Co to Integrate TRX with Unikrn Wallet 2.0

It looks like soon almost every major company from almost all the field will be a partner of TRON Foundation. The Foundation made an announcement yesterday on its official handle of Twitter about its partnership with Unikrn Co. In the announcement, the Foundation revealed that its native crypto token will be integrated into the Unikrn Wallet 2.0. One can guess the excitement this news stirred in the audience with the fact that the Twitter post received fifty-seven re-tweets and one hundred and sixty hearts.

Recently, TRON has formed a partnership with Unikrn. Unikrn is a giant in the eSports industry. It deals with sectors such as betting, blockchain, content, and video gaming. TRON, as we all know, is a platform that is working towards decentralized internet to harness innovation in the crypto industry. The main focus of the company is to safeguard the privacy and the ownership of the users.

TRON has joined Unikrn wallet 2.0. This partnership has made TRON the first platform partner of Unkrin. The venturing of Unikrn into the crypto wallet domain with support of major companies such as TRON is a smart and a wise move. Unikrn has allowed TRON’s native utility token- TRX along with other cryptocurrencies. On this, the CEO of Unikrn- Rahul Sood said-

Finding a zero-friction way to let our fans leverage their favorite cryptocurrencies on the Unikrn platform is one of the biggest requests we get from customers. […] We are also happy to allow TRON users to easily deposit in, where all TRON users get higher deposit limits, and can now seamlessly convert their TRON into UKG and back directly on the Unikrn platform.

As per the official announcement about the partnership, it has been revealed that the users of Unikrn crypto wallet will be able to deposit four hundred percent deposit bonus with the code- ‘TRX.’ To know more about how to get this deposit bonus, there is a link given in the official announcement by TRON. It is anticipated that this combing of TRON and Unikrn will reap greater innovation in crypto trading, crypto storage, and its utilization.

Unikrn holds strong experience in things such as- ‘Virtual CS:GO & SFV, skill-based betting on online matchmaking, streamer better, esports and sports bookmaking, daily gaming giveaways and an online casino’, and the partnership with TRON to venture into Unikrn crypto wallet 2.0, will reap a fantastic combination of entertainment as well as trading services to the user. This should make the company’s crypto wallet to be the first of its kind that will go beyond the usual usages such as trading, storing, depositing, etc.

The founder of TRON- Justin Sun said-

Unikrn has a unique esports, crypto and gaming focus and is one of the coolest crypto-friendly betting platforms on Earth. […] Platforms like Unikrn are what will drive the next big explosion in the road to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. TRON is proud to be included in that history.


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