TRON hits 2.5M daily active users: Green days ahead for TRX

Recently, the TRON blockchain saw a spike in daily active users, reaching 2.5 million—a landmark that may tell a bullish story for its native cryptocurrency, TRX. TRON’s user base has steadily swelled as its decentralized applications (dApps) and offerings gain favor, demonstrating the sound architecture supporting diverse uses from decentralized finance (DeFi) to entertainment. Recent metrics related to TRX’s value, such as fees and revenue, have also shown steady growth.

Despite the challenges facing the DeFi sector, factors such as a decrease in Total Value Locked (TVL) TRX’s overall network activity and increasing transaction volumes suggest a strong foundation for potential recovery and future growth. The increase in active users is a positive indicator for TRX valuations. As more people engage with the TRON ecosystem, there is likely to be an increase in demand for TRX tokens needed for transaction fees and interactions with dApps. 

This increased demand may put upward pressure on TRX pricing, benefiting both investors and users. Furthermore, the expansion of the TRON user base demonstrates the platform’s advantage in the blockchain business. As more people join TRON, its network will grow, attracting attention from developers and businesses eager to integrate technology in their projects.

Where is TRON price headed?

This milestone signals growing involvement in TRON’s decentralized future. As adoption expands, demand for TRX to engage with apps and facilitate transactions should follow, potentially driving the price upward—good news for coin holders and buyers. 

Furthermore, attracting more builders and businesses shows TRON’s edge against competitors vying to enable blockchain projects. TRX price predictions also hint at potential green days ahead. TRX has stood out as one of the most well-performing cryptocurrencies in the market, with a price increase exceeding 5% and securing its position as the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap surpassing $10.7 billion. 

Currently, TRX is trading at around $0.1224 per token. A high/short ratio and key technical indicators indicate a sustained upward price movement.

This level of network participation suggests that tokens such as GMCoin (which currently trades at $0.08721), BeatzCoin (up 16.65% to $0.00001036), and Bybyecar ($1.56) have considerable popularity. 


As TRON continues to welcome more people to the platform on a regular basis, onlookers in the investment community may anticipate a series of positive days ahead for the prices of relevant digital assets. It is reasonable to assume that the expanding user base, in conjunction with TRON’s thriving variety of services and offerings, has the potential to position TRX and its affiliated cryptocurrencies for profitable days in the future.

Anushka Basu

Anushka Basu combines journalism, market analysis, and research in the blockchain industry. She specializes in price analysis, market trends, and DAOs, excelling in thorough research on various cryptocurrencies. Additionally, she has experience assisting journalists from FOX Business TV, further honing her expertise in DeFi.
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