Tron Initiated the Day by Trading Below the Baseline

TRON foundation seems to be thinking wisely for the public too. Tron is expanding into different segments and spheres of the digitalization where they will be paying the writers and analyst just to watch the TRON adverts. The payment will be done through TRON wallet. This opportunity will surely gather attention from crypto followers and writers around the globe.

TRX to USD Price Comparison

In the last 5 days, the price of TRX coin was initially seen just slightly below the baseline at $0.01522 on September 09, 2019 at 07:30 UTC. Then, the price took a turn in the upward motion by 5.73% increase in the next day at 03:10 UTC with the trading value of $0.016092.

Tron price from then dropped by 10.69% to the lowest touchpoint of last 5 days on September 12, 06:45 UTC, when the trade changed to $0.014376. TRX coin then was increased by 8.46% yesterday at 23:45 UTC trading at $0.015592. The value from then is slightly dropped by 1.38% as of now.

Tron chart
Tron Price Chart by TradingView

Tron Price Prediction

Tron is trading with the downtrend. Probably, ‘buying’ TRX coin might be an ideal decision for the investors. Tron is full of surprises, and we hear some exciting news and announcement on a daily basis. And thus as per TRX Predictions, it is hoped that the coin will trade to the upward momentum soon.

May be patience is a key with a TRX trend as of now. Since all the other altcoins are noticed to be sliding a little with upward momentum, TRX might possibly do the same. The short-term investment can bring considerable profits only if play wisely. If you keep, follow the trend closely you might be able to gather some incentives.

Long-term Investment, however, needs some position holding till time, Tron price moves in the bullish zone. The resistance and support level might help the traders to hold the position wisely:

R1: $0.015804, R2: $0.016029 and R3: $0.016619

S1: $0.014989, S2: $0.014462 and S3: $0.014174

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