TRON is Battling with EOS dApp, the Coin is Making Sure it Rules the Market

The Tron Foundation is very much ambitious when it comes to the popularity and the adoption of the TRX token. One of the most popular crypto personality of the world and the CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun never goes on the back foot when it comes to building a prime position for the coin in the market. He not only takes care of the public image of the coin but also makes sure that the currency improves its utility and use cases.

Since a long time, the Tron token is making efforts to earn a reliable and prime position in the sector of decentralized apps. He had recently made a development when it took the position of Ethereum (ETH) in the dApp world. Then Tron’s struggle with EOS got started. But, now, the TRX has made a leap and is moving ahead in the Decentralized Applications (DApps) world.

Considering the dangers lied in front of the crypto coins depending on the security of transactions, the Tron (TRX) token has shown a bigger vision by seeking after secrecy of the system as a prime factor.

Now, it is crucial to correlate the significance of Tron (TRX)’s anonymity to the fortunes of its DApps. By enhancing the security feature with underlying anonymity, the coin will be paving the way for more adoptions.

Tron made a public claim in 2018 saying that it would follow anonymity as a coin. On the basis of the concept used by ZCash, Tron is coming up with the “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS)” program. Even LiteCoin s planning to have similar technology.

Here Tron will allow users to choose between an anonymous transaction (where the transaction will not be visible to the third party) or open transaction. In anonymous transactions, only the transacting parties are allowed to see the details of the transaction, and they can confirm it as well.


Talking about the future of the dApps, Tron is a leader who has made EOS take the second position. However, apart from this, for further price updates regarding the coming years, check on TRON Predictions! So that when you decide to invest in it, you get a huge profit in return.

Trevor Holman

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