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Tron is Yet to Make Any Move Towards Recovery; Loses 4.7% Overnight

  • Tron is down by 4.7% in the last 24 hours and reached $0.01442.
  • The next resistance for TRX coin is likely to come at $0.0150.

Tron (TRX) seems to be far away from a price recovery. After the last day’s struggle, it has again lost a whopping 4.7% in the last 24 hours to be placed at 0.01442 USD. In these 24 hours, it has been through three price swings.

Tron Price Prediction:

Tron’s journey started at the very opening, and over the next 12 hours and 43 minutes, it was down by 7.76% to be placed at $0.01396058 after losing $0.0011. It was followed by another decline in the TRX coin price.

Between 12:44 UTC and 16:02 UTC, it almost lost 2.04% and touched $0.01367475. From 16:02 UTC, TRX started strengthening, and over the next 8 hours, the price gained 6.94%, and it scaled as high as $0.01462352 by 00:11 UTC.

Tron to USD Price Chart
Tron Chart by TradingView

Over the last 7 days, the price trend of TRX to USD has been full of volatile fluctuations. It started the week near $0.0149, and the highest price point of the coin was at 0.0158 USD. The lowest point for TRX coin was at 0.0139 USD yesterday.

Tron’s 50-days average stands at 0.015401 USD and its 20-days average stands at 0.015654 USD. The current price trend at 0.01442221 USD is 6.35% and 7.86% less than the 50 days average and 20 days average, respectively. Its next resistance may come at 0.0150 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels-

R1- $0.01507, R2- $0.01582, R3- $0.01640

S1- $0.01373, S2- $0.01316, S3- $0.01240


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