Tron purchased BlockChain.org to become Google of Blockchain Industry


Tron is one of the fastest developing cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. Moreover, in a very short period of time, it has achieved a lot of things. Tron’s transaction speed has exceeded major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, acquisition of BitTorrent and BlockChain.org add to the list of the latest successes. Presently, Justin Sun’s main goal is to make a Google-like search engine for the blockchain industry.

This became obvious just after the declaration of the latest acquisition of the BlockChain.org on August 10. Justin Sun, founder of Tron said that BlockChain.org is purposed to be a one-stop aggregated data search engine platform. He further said,
“It will be a platform that offers big data analysis, project evaluation, information search and other services for users in the blockchain field. Justin also encourages others in the industry to participate and build a platform to help the growth of blockchain industry.”

Incomplete Information on Traditional Search Engines

Traditional search engines do not show complete information related to any industry. As traditional search is centralized in nature, various news, quality info about the industry is either hidden, excluded or replaced by ads. Due to this, it is hard for users to find proper projects or correct info related to some projects.

Complex User Experience with Different Public Chains

Presently, there are various kinds of public chains like BTC, ETH, and TRON. For example, if a user wants to get any info about trading or hash algorithm, then he will have to learn different ways to search for information in different blockchain browsers. This leads to trouble for the users and sabotages the progress of the industry.

Decentralizing the Web

Tron’s main purpose to ‘Decentralize the Web’ is not new. Moreover, Justin Sun also mentioned the main reason for BitTorrent acquisition was BitTorrent’s commitment towards the same value which says, “Democratize the Internet”. By acquiring BlockChain.org Justin Sun’s main goal is to build a platform which is useful for the whole industry. He stated, “The success of the project should not be measured by its profit or its user base. What really matters is that if it makes an effort to make improvements for the entire industry.”

Difference between Traditional Search Engine and Tron’s Search Engine

Traditional Search Engines like Google, use algorithms to search and classify websites as per relevance. Various factors which determine the rank of the website include age, keyword frequency, backlinks, etc. Tron Foundation main purpose is to utilize the BlockChain.org to watch and keep a record of all the info on social media, web and various other search engines. The info is available in various formats such as text, images, videos, pdf, etc.

Tron.live reported, “By collecting a big amount of data, it will help TRON to better analyze what the community wants, what the blockchain field needs and what the current and future market condition is.” “User can also utilize these analyzed data to be better informed about a certain project and get the information they need. The introduction of BlockChain.org can also help solve certain problems in the blockchain field by analyzing the needs of the market and offering a feasible solution to it.”



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