TRON to Maintain SUN Genesis Mining for 14 Days After Launch

Leading crypto-blockchain network TRON announced on Monday that it will maintain the SUN Genesis mining for 14 days after its launch on 16th September, 2020. In a Twitter thread, TRON Co-founder and CEO Justin Sun stated that users will be able to access LP mining without losing their staked TRX tokens for another 14 days, and earn high returns by choosing ‘Migrate to Official Pool’. 

SUN Mining Pool community recently announced an observational list that would serve as a reference for mining pool listing. The list included TRC-10/20 tokens as well as non-TRON tokens, like BTC, ETH, XRP, JFI, DICE, etc. The SUN token is aimed at building a robust DeFi ecosystem within the TRON network, designed for TRON governance. It is entirely owned by the community with no investments from VCs or PEs. 

In an official Medium post, TRON stated that it will consider extending Genesis mining if it gains hype in the coming days. It also informed that 10,000 SUN tokens will be mined per day from the new mining pools. Following the announcement, those interested in TRX staking will be offered a staking-and-mining channel where they can stake their TRX holding for SUN rewards without participating in LP mining. 

As per the TRON predictions, this will entice users looking for higher returns without mobbing their staked TRX holding out of the TRX staking pool. Also, the SUN Mining Pool ensures higher returns keeping instant deposits and withdrawals intact.

Scott Cook

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