Tron (TRX) Is On The Verge Of Massive Breakthroughs, Says Justin Sun, And He May Be Right This Time

For those who have been following the industry for long enough, will agree that Tron has far more potential than what it has managed to achieve. Things have gotten better since it broke out of Ethereum completely in June 2018, but still, the void remains unfulfilled.

Things could change dramatically in the next few months, and most of it could be because of the efforts taken in the past one year. Since its “Independence Day,” TRON has taken certain efforts that have created a platform for robust future growth. One of the most important decisions which the company took since June last year was to acquire BitTorrent.

Tron (TRX) Is On The Verge Of Massive Breakthroughs, Says Justin Sun, And He May Be Right This Time

The forthcoming month of July is an important one with quite a few big events lined up, which could prove to be game changers for the Tron ecosystem. The launch of BitTorrent Speed based on BitTorrent File System and The eBay powered Power of One Lunch with Warren Buffett are two most important ones, according to CEO Justin Sun.

The launch of BitTorrent Speed will be the first major use case of cryptocurrencies. BitTorrent will introduce the BTT token, via the new protocol, to its more than 100 million users. On the other hand, the high profile lunch with Warren Buffett will help Sun to turn the Master Investors a supporter from a staunch critic of cryptocurrencies.

Tron (TRX) Is On The Verge Of Massive Breakthroughs, Says Justin Sun, And He May Be Right This Time

However, there’s more to Tron’s successful than these two reasons. Let’s find out:

Growing Account Base:

Tron has encouraged a large number of developers to build dapps for the blockchain. This resulted in big plus, as Tron crossed 8 million users just a few days ago, and is now surpassed Ethereum, too. Integration with BitTorrent Speed will open the door of dapps to the 100 million users on BitTorrent platform. Do the math, and you’ll understand the growth potential.

General Market Development:

Crypto markets have matured from 2017, and this year’s bullish trends are quite different from two years ago. This year’s investors are much more aware and understanding of the markets and how cryptos work. Once these investors start trusting the industry for daily usage, a number of transactions will shoot up, and Tron will have a big advantage in terms of user base and infrastructure.

Partnerships And Collaborations:

For any crypto network to survive and prosper, partnerships and collaborations with the right parties are extremely important. Tron has had its fair share of partnerships, and therefore, the future looks promising. For instance, its partnership with liquidity focused multi-asset trading platform LATOKEN is a long term mover, which is bound to bear healthy results in the coming months.

Another important partnership Tron managed to score was with Certik, a blockchain audit company. The two have collaborated to decentralize the internet, which will be the buzzword in the future.

Tron is definitely one of the tokens to hold for the future, and the recent developments have just reiterated the fact. However, if Sun manages to pull Warren Buffett on this side of the crypto industry, growth could be enormous, much more than currently expected.

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