Tron (TRX) Partners with DigiFinex (DFT) to Construct ‘Inclusive Blockchain Ecosystem’

Yesterday marked the commencement of the strategic partnership between Tron (TRX) and DigiFinex (DFT). DigiFinex announced about the same of their official blog post. The main aim behind this partnership is to together construct an ‘inclusive blockchain ecosystem,’ as per the announcement.

This partnership has also brought some interesting benefits for the TRON community and the users overall. The two main uses that shine are-

  • Tomorrow, i.e., on September 11, the DigiFinex platform will release a trading market which is based on TRX. Further, as per the announcements, it will open BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX trading pairs too. Also, soon we will get to see more Tron backed project listings as well on the TRX trading market.
  • The second interesting benefit is that on 15th of this month, the DigiFinex platform will release a ‘Tron blockchain index,’ as per the announcement. This Tron blockchain index will haveBitTorrent (BTT) and WINk (WIN).’ The users will be able to gauge the overall market performance of the Tron blockchain through this index. As per the announcement, the initial index value is 1K.

On the other hand, today Tron announced on through its weekly updates about the Tron backed project called the ‘SIGN project,’ which encourages the adoption of the cryptocurrency by supporting the construction of strong commerce platforms.

This project is formulated based on the utility virtual token, which will be further used in the creation of ‘robust e-commerce platforms’ as per the announcement. This, in turn, will rocket speed the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency over time. The TRON Foundation, although it is still a very young platform, has remarkably come a long way. We get regular updates on the new projects or plans from the platform often, which shows the activeness of the platform. In the same light, one can expect, the TRON SIGN Project to blaze through the crypto industry to newer heights.

What does the TRON SIGN Project’s White paper say?

Oh, there are many interesting values that one can reap through the SIGN Project. The official blog mentioned things such as-

  • The utility token will be accepted by many payment methods.
  • The users will get to find this utility token on most of the famous crypto exchanges.
  • Further, on the shopping experience, the users can avail the cashback offers with SIGN Gift cards, and also, they can ‘settle full cart amounts’ with the help of the SIGN tokens.
  • The users who will hold the SIGN Tokens will be qualified to get TRX dividends as well.
  • Upon using the SIGN Tokens for shopping the users will get a chance to avail a 12 months free express shipping facility on all those e-commerce platforms that are linked with the SIGN Token.
  • Every platform that is based on SIGN Project will allow the SIGN Tokens.
  • As per the announcement, the SIGN tokens are eligible for a new airdrop from the ‘ICOS and partner projects.’
  • Also, the TRON users are given the freedom and right to be able to recommend and sell products in order to earn SIGN tokens. They can do so through the referral and affiliate program.

Trevor Holman

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