Tron (TRX) Price Analysis : Synopsis on Tron’s fading Market

Tron is a peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain that aims at connecting the mammoth global content and the entertainment sector. The Tronix transaction model is called UTXO, where a set of rules help unlock a specific set of the amount that has been sent through TRON. The creators of digital content receive revenue directly from consumers. Tron primarily aims at spreading the data without any limitations; the users are permitted to upload and store data, videos, and audios. The uploader receives profits of a value proportional to their contribution.

Tron (TRX) Price Chart

TRON (TRX) is the 10th largest cryptocurrency stated by Coinmarketcap. As per stats, the MCap value of TRX as on March 19 at 14:44 UTC is $1,525,938,598 USD with its corresponding 24h volume of $166,869,115. The market trend analysis shows that the MCap values of TRX have been fluctuating and have been majorly going on a downtrend.  The Mcap traded at 1250 million dollars at the beginning of January and reached the peak twice- January 10 with USD 2,157,760,956 and January 27 with USD 2,023,240,971 which is the overall all-time high. However, the recent high trades at USD 1,809,657,452, with the current market cap value lower comparatively by 18.59%. The values going downtrend from its peak reaching the current value show the exertion of bearish pressure on the cryptocurrency’s market. This is proved by the declination of the present-day MCap values from its 14-day moving average. The values plummeted from $1,558,833,964 on March 05 to the current value by 2.11%.

Elaborating on the TRX/USD pair, the current value of this pair is 0.022884 USD at 14:44 UTC on March 19. The analysis on the pair shows that the MCap value and the USD have been running parallel to each other from the beginning of this year with the highs and lows during the same period. Similar to the MCap value, the price of USD reached a peak value of $0.027139 on February 24 at 13:34 UTC. The USD’s price was higher by 18.59% when compared to the current value. This cryptocurrency reached its milestone when it was range bound between February 18 and 24, as the price of USD rallied from $0.023563 to $0.026884, which is a 14.09% hike within a short span of 06 days.

However, the price of BTC has been on a tide with sharp rises and falls. Stats display highs and lows of BTC’s price value. The price of BTC reached its high twice in a couple of months with an average of 0.00000817 and has been on a downtrend after that. It reached its all-time low of 0.00000572 on March 04. The average percentage decrease was calculated to be 42.83%. The current price of BTC as on March 05 at 14:34 UTC is 0.00000112.

The 20-day EMA shows a downtrend with the current MCap value lower than the corresponding value of $1,619,050,044 on February 27 by 5.75%. Unfortunately, both the averages do not support market growth. Under the bearish pressure, the market balance is rested in favor of sellers. The investors who are keen on investing in this cryptocurrency, the current fall offers an excellent opportunity to invest for the long term. However, as per CryptoNewsZ’s TRX price prediction, for traders with short term investments, they will have to be on hold until there is an improvement in the market.


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