TronLink App Leaps to #1 Rank Within 6 Months; Allows Its Users to Share 1,000,000 TRX by Proportion

On 9th April team, TRON officially released TronLink App version. Within six months of the launch of TronLink Chrome, it has risen to some commendable growth and has bagged the number one spot in the TRON ecosystem on the Chrome extension wallet. You can find the TronLink App version on Google Play and the App Store. You can easily download the TronLink App version from the TronLink official website.

What makes it so exciting that it rose to the number one spot in just six months? Well, the reason is that it is packed with great features. First of all, it is a decentralized wallet; it offers its users to store their private keys and other sensitive information locally, it comes with physical insulation too, it assures great safety features based on its several layered algorithm encryption systems. It also offers features such as ‘breakpoint reconnection’ that allows great stability to the nodes and offers reliable functioning. There is smooth syncing with the TRON’s MainNet.

Moreover, the TronLink App backs the TRX and all the TRC 10 and 20 tokens. This is done to cater to the TRON community on the international level. The user also gets to use services such as ‘resource freeze or unfreeze, as and when needed. The user can also vote on this platform, which brings about great participation from the users in the platform, thus, creating a sense of trust, mutual understanding.

Another point that sets the TronLink App apart is its ability to open SDK and support the testing structure. This is especially directed towards the developers with a sight of constantly improving TRON’s services through mutual endeavors.

The platform is made with a clear aim of keeping it user-friendly and making it as simple as possible. All the user is expected to do is to click and create wallets simply. It is quite handy, easy to understand and supports the convenience of the user. You can also find support for many types of wallet account building.

Since it is packed with so many features, whether you are using it in the desktop version or the mobile version, it offers and supports you with all the features required. The handy decentralized application by TRON can be used conveniently at any time of your choice.


The procedure is quite simple. First, you need to download the TronLink Application. Then you need to create a wallet. After this step, you can start to send TRX. Alternatively, you can also import the TRX wallet. Reports say that one can share around 1,000,000 TRX by proportion.

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