TRON’s Development Team Increases From 2 To 40

TRON Foundation is one of the biggest blockchain powered operating system in the world today.  It started with two people, and now it is over 40 employees strong. The company and its offering named TRON blockchain are getting stronger with the time.

The two people strong company is now 40 employees strong.

TRON Foundation gives the credit of its growth to its skilled and talented engineers. The team of engineers has taken efforts to make TRON Foundation the way it is. This team has stabilized the company, which was formed in 2017.

TRON’s growth over these couple of years and especially over these past eight months was described by TRON’s Head of Protocol, Marcus Zhao. Multiple exchanges, dApps, and games support TRON’s blockchain.

The new goal of the company and Mr. Zhou is to enable their blockchain to give a strong performance and high scalability.

When asked about the team, Mr. Zhou said that most of the team members came from Popular and reputed internet companies like Alibaba and Baidu.

He said it was the dedicated efforts and hard work done by the team.

Their small team did not shy away from multitasking on different departments and jobs like development, human resource, design, and working with the TRON community. Working late at night was regular for us at that time, Zhou said.

When in the initial stage, the team was able to have a more precise scope of responsibilities. In the next few months, when TRON started its mainnet (in June 2018), the team had 20 engineers.

Zhou is expecting TRON to be the leading blockchain development company in the world. He wants to connect with more talented people across the world.

Zhou was proud to mention that this week itself, the company witnessed two new milestones, one is reaching one million TRON accounts, and the second is 100 million smart contracts recorded on the platform.

The company donated $100,000 to Binance’s Charity Foundation (BCF), as per the reports.

Even Sun is entering the new year with ambitious plans.  It wants to grow more than Ethereum.

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