TRON’s Justin Sun Backs Facebook’s Libra; Says It Will Facilitate “Bright Future”

Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON (TRX) and current CEO of BitTorrent, has always been a distinctive figure in and an active advocate of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. From the success of TRON and his acquisition of BitTorrent to his app PEIWO and his work with Ripple Labs, Sun has not steered off the spotlight lately.

Talking about Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, Libra, Sun tweeted,

I feel a huge #FOMO and bull run for crypto is on its way.

In a recent interview, the young tech entrepreneur that he’s quite optimistic about Facebook’s entry into the crypto world and also that might be one step towards facilitating blockchain’s bright future.

Among other things, in the interview, Sun opened up about whether he would be rapping with Vitalik Buterin, how he sees crypto adoption moving forward and also Tron’s partnership with Pornhub.

Sun began by sharing his thoughts on some of the most potent partnerships in the industry today. He suggested that the confluence of resources and ideas around cryptocurrency largely impacts the growth of the space. On TRON’s collaboration with USDT, Sun backed the importance of stablecoins in an ecosystem to provide confidence and stability to investors.

Lately, on the flip side, Facebook’s cryptocurrency exchange platform, Libra, and the government speculations regarding around it have been a matter of concern for many. Sun, though, believes that the adoption of blockchain by industry-leaders like Facebook will rather act as an assurance of its bright future. It’s going to hold importance in spreading the abilities of blockchain technology across the globe, he thinks. Sun stated in the interview that,

The centralized versus decentralized question will be worked out over time, with people voting on the path that they think works best.

Facebook, however, has hired a Washington-based lobbying firm, FS Vector, to help the social-media giant tackle the negative responses that the announcement of the Libra project has sparked, according to an O’Dwyer PR report published on Aug. 26, 2019.

Sun was also asked whether he was interested in collaborating with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin. He replied, “Welcome aboard the TRON train!” He says his company is always open to collaborating with people in the industry.

Justin Sun’s ending note indicated how mass adoption of the technology will take a lot of time. He concludes that,

By the time of mass adoption, the early players will be big winners because there won’t be enough crypto for everybody.

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