TRON’s Justin Sun sees blockchain as a key to solve global challenges

Blockchain technology has held one flag flying high, that is of cryptocurrency, and it has done that for a long time. Now, the world is exploring other use cases of blockchain technology, and Tyron is one of the leaders in that aspect. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, highlighted the same in the Global Blockchain Show, shedding light on the fact that they are essentially banking on the unbanked population across the world.

For starters, Justin Sun said that the ideal target is to create convenience for users through the use of blockchain technology. When it comes to obtaining access to financial services, convenience basically inculcates the parts that traditional processes have failed to reach thus far. To give this a little bit of perspective from his lens, over a billion people in the world still don’t have access to banking facilities.

That leads to issues like the inability to access financial aid, among others. Justin Sun said that they are utilizing the TRON network to include them in the financial system. Therefore, it is convenient for them to pay their bills related to food and other basic essentials. It further uplifts them by bringing them closer to the best level others have.

Sun said that even though they are motivated to achieve the goal, they would not consider it if there was a slight security risk. In other words, TRON Network will not compromise security to reach the population desperately seeking financial assistance.

These statements have possibly ignited inspiration in the blockchain industry. TRON is currently one of the leaders, but more could soon follow suit in helping the unbanked population, irrespective of their geographical location.

The next step is to expand TRC20-USDT so that it benefits everyone. Once TRC20-USDT strengthens, it will enable blockchain and stablecoins to integrate seamlessly into people’s lives. Current performance and numbers support this mission.

A new record was established with the issuance of TRC20-USDT, which surpassed 57.8 billion. The issuance volume has surged by almost 9 billion, and the number of accounts holding TRC20-USDT has touched the milestone of 41 million. Additionally, the cumulative number of transfers has surpassed the mark of 1.67 billion.

Both developments come days after TRON sought feedback on blockchain from its community members. Not just blockchain, but it also sought their thoughts on Bitcoin ahead of Bitcoin Halving. Ten participants will now be selected randomly, and their names will be revealed after Bitcoin Halving.

That said, Bitcoin Halving has got everyone’s motor running, for it is poised to cause an uptick in the valuation of BTC, further increasing the value of other major tokens in the market. The halving is anticipated to occur provisionally on April 20, 2024, reducing supply and rewards in the cryptocurrency economy.

Moving forward, TRON has expressed commitment to strengthening the position of TRC20-USDT so that it can help people worldwide by leveraging the best elements of stablecoins and blockchain.

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