Tronwallet Conducts Biggest TWX Buyback & Burn

TronWallet, the renowned P2P cryptocurrency wallet of Tron Foundation, recorded a whopping TWX buyback and burn amounting to 136 million on December 27, 2019. The development has been purposefully conducted to bring stability in the supply of the digital currency.

According to the reports, the quarter ending development has been the biggest TWX buyback and burn score ever since the wallet’s launch in the marketspace. The TronWallet platform shared the news about its latest remarkable achievement with its Tron community members through an official tweet on its Twitter handle.

The tweet rose the hopes of the Tron community as it mentioned about the platform’s future plans for TWX, which will soon be revealed to the members.

Interestingly, the TRON network is currently enjoying a successful run in the crypto domain. The last week saw the addition of nine more TRON DApps on the platform, which made its total touch the mark of 657, as reported by DappReview. The report also highlighted that the trading volume enjoyed a surge of 23% in comparison to the preceding week. This affirmed that the Tron community is likely to end the year while sailing on a steady success boat.

Scott Cook

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