Trophy collaborates with Polygon Labs

Trophy has announced a collaboration with Polygon Labs. The goals are twofold: to accelerate the onboarding of new players into Web3 games and fuel mass adoption of mobile Blockchain gaming. Polygon will offer support via infrastructure and tools, while Trophy will enable user acquisition for studios that are going after first-time customers.

The idea behind the association is to launch a Discovery Program. Trophy will basically reveal Game of the Week in its own application but from the ecosystem of Polygon. Players will be tasked with playing that title. Those who interact with the content will be compensated based on the number of minutes they have played. Every other game will be introduced the same day the following week, beginning with the Discovery Program on Thursday.

Trophy has referred to this partnership as groundbreaking, and Polygon Labs has confirmed that many wonderful things will result from it.

The development comes days after Polygon shared the update with the community. It had asked the community to play games and get paid for them. Trophy was introduced in that announcement as a game launcher and loyalty program that rewards players for discovering and playing games.

Players are rewarded with a redeemable tokenized reward in the form of a gift card or token. The Polygon community is excited about it, as most members have said that they are looking forward to it. Most of them have also said that Polygon always brings the best games to them.

As for Polygon, the team is in the middle of implementing Polygon 2.0. The implementation is expected to happen in a phased manner, with the first three PIPs going live along with a roadmap for Phase 0.

Trophy and Polygon Labs have just announced their association with the Discovery Program. Trophy will now introduce a new game every Thursday for players, who will be tasked with playing the game and earning rewards for every minute they play the game.

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