Troy Trade Collaborates With Wanchain to Design Seamless Cross-chain Trading Ecosystem

Major crypto broker and asset management firm Troy Trade revealed through a tweet that they are building a cross-chain trading ecosystem along with Wanchian in a strategic partnership.

As part of the collaboration, Troy has invited Wanchain to join the membership of their “Global Ecological Community Program” launched by them and in return, Troy will also join Wanchain’s cross-chain network.

Global Ecological Community Program of Troy has been developed to overcome the loopholes in the trading process and make it seamless, efficient, and easier to operate. Wanchain is now the tenth member of this community program.

Troy and Wanchain will jointly work in the research and development process in building the application in cross-chain operability and settlement protocol layer. Wanchain will offer its cutting-edge technology to build a decentralized system that is secured, faster, and efficient, whereas Troy will facilitate Wanchain a trading marketplace and settlement platform.

The partnership will integrate the expertise of both firms to develop efficient cross-chain mechanisms. It will support the application procedure on the application layer on the Troy network, which will facilitate the traders with better trading experience.

Oliver Birch, Global Marketing VP of Wanchain commented,

“Besides the technical implementations in which Wanchain’s interoperable architecture will benefit Troy network in terms of high transaction speed, low latency, and security, Wanchain also is excited to co-operate with Troy on the building of a comprehensive decentralized trading and settlement ecosystem that redefined trading and achieve the shared long-term ambitious vision through close collaboration with cross-chain interoperability.”

Four-layer Architecture of Troy

The Troy network model is a four-layered structural design.

The topmost layer is the Application layer next to that level is the settlement network layer; below it is off-chain trading level and the underneath layer is the public chain layer.

Wanchain aims to build a new decentralized financial infrastructure. This infrastructure will be equipped with cross-chain smart contracts and a robust security system to record all kinds of transactions, which will make it user-friendly and efficient.

More about Troy Trade and Wanchain 

Troy Trade is a global crypto trading firm that trades cryptocurrency and also ventures into asset Management.

Troy provides evolutionary products like margin and spot trading, data derivatives learning, and staking under a single account.

Wanchain is a distributed financial infrastructure that enables asset exchange and records all intra-chain and cross-chain transactions.

Roxanne Williams

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