TruFin partners with Laser Digital to launch institutional-focused Polygon Adoption Fund

Nomura’s digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, is partnering with WebN-incubated blockchain technology TruFin to start a new business. By launching the Laser Digital Polygon Adoption Fund (“Fund”), this effort uses Polygon’s Aggregation Layer (AggLayer) to convert the network’s liquidity potential in the digital economy into an investment opportunity in the analog sector.

One of the most popular EVM-compatible Ethereum sidechains, Polygon proof of stake (PoS) protocol, and its native gas and staking token, Polygon-MATIC, will be made available to institutional investors through the Fund. Through TruFin’s TruStake liquid staking system, the Fund will also get native staking returns.

Through staking, which enables participants to earn income from controlling and validating cryptocurrency transactions, the Fund aims to provide traditional investors with a familiar interface while ensuring security for the Polygon protocols. It is specially designed with institutional funds, private asset managers, and sovereign wealth funds in mind. Institutions are driven by the larger ecosystem, as demonstrated by this Fund, and they are starting to recognize the advantages and need for decentralized security.

The Fund will benefit from adding additional yield through options for liquid staking using the underlying TruMATIC token, which is made possible by TruFin’s Trustake technology. TruStake is a liquid staking system designed for institutional investors with an emphasis on enterprise-grade security. Its goal is to provide a greater native yield than direct staking, which is approximately 5%.

Over the previous nine months, the TruStake vault has achieved a historic native MATIC yield of over 5% APY, outperforming Lido regularly.

Institutional investors are looking for a hassle-free way to invest in tokens that will reward passive staking, with the option to leverage tokens for higher DeFi income. Leading DeFi protocols like Chainlink and Balancer have teamed with TruFin to increase the utility of the underlying TruMATIC token.

With the integration of the Polygon AggLayer, the Fund hopes to achieve high liquidity, consistent cryptographic security, and nearly instantaneous cross-chain transactions by leveraging the aggregation of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs from all linked chains. Using the strong security and decentralized features of the Ethereum network, this integration seeks to improve the Fund’s operational efficiency on a very performant network.

Leveraging Laser Digital’s institutional regulatory framework, the Fund will be distributed to institutional investors in all qualifying jurisdictions—beginning with the United Kingdom—after the necessary registrations are completed.

The Laser Digital Polygon Adoption Fund is an initiative to combine the creative potential of blockchain technology with conventional financial frameworks.

By integrating technology innovation and financial experience, TruFin and Laser Digital are enabling institutional investors to realize Polygon’s potential fully. TruFin and Laser Digital are well-positioned to drive market adoption and promote innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem as institutional adoption of Polygon grows.

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