Truflation Joins Chainlink BUILD for Economic Data Indexes

Truflation, a major contributor to self-contained economic and financial data, announced indulging in a formal tie-up with the Chainlink BUILD program. Following this and now being an integral partner, Truflation intends to get going on making the various unique data indexes, which have been created solely by Chainlink BUILD, better known and popular, and more acquirable. 

These data indexes include climate data, precious metals prices, commodity prices, etc. Truflation intends to place them conveniently at the disposal of all Web3 developers, all with the help of Chainlink oracles. 

Knowing a little more about the entity is imperative to make the proper connection. Truflation is basically in the business of collecting various forms and types of economic data and passing them on to self-reliant and neutral on-chain and off-chain. This real-time data that is passed on is first studied closely and then complete assurance certified by Truflation of its authenticity in all concerned and related matters. 

On the other hand, Chainlink is responsible for setting standards, criteria, and benchmarks, in terms of creating, analyzing, and selling oracle services that are very much required for boosting hybrid smart contracts, which could be located on just about any blockchain.

In the very words of Truflation Founder Stefan Rust, it is indeed a momentous situation for them to be formally tied up with the Chainlink BUILD program, as through this coming together, they will be in an enviable position of gaining an immense amount of professional assistance in the creation, and in turn, looking after and the controlling of oracle infrastructure. Inadvertently, this will assist them in offering open and neutral based inflation rate data on-chain.

Roxanne Williams

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