Trump may launch $DJT token on Solana, rumors suggest

Trump may launch $DJT token on Solana, rumors suggest

Speculations are doing the rounds that Trump, a presidential candidate, has developed and will be releasing a token, $DJT on Solana. 

This bit of information has been shared on X by a media house, Pirate Wires, which goes on to add that it will be Trump’s son, Barron, who will be responsible for running the project. As per his tweet, the token comes with a market cap amounting to $177 million. 

If the rumor is to be believed for even a fraction of a second, this will make Trump the first ever presidential candidate to initiate an exercise of this sort. 

However, as per the information shared, the Trump token, which is the initial token, PoliFi, came with a market capitalization of more than 370 million, with a downward slide to the extent of 30%. In the case of Tremp, a separate token depicting a slightly derogatory version of Trump and Donald Duck, is also witnessing a 40% decline. The Biden-inspired token too has fallen by 30%. 

According to the Marketing Director of the PoliFi Trump token, Steven Steele, there seems to be mind games being played out and in the words of Mike Solana of Pirate Wires, there was no confirmation from the Trump camp whatsoever regarding the token, an issue that he strongly feels will be denied if approached. He further clears the air that he too is simply sniffing the ground. 

Despite several attempts, the Trump camp has maintained its stoic silence on the matter, providing no clarity. 

In the case of the crypto community, they have taken the entire idea with a double pinch of salt. 


In the firm opinion of Ryan Selkas, who is a staunch Trump backer, the probability is extremely scant and even if true, there will be other factors to be considered.

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