Trust Wallet issues diktat to Apple users for deactivating iMessage

Trust Wallet has issued a diktat for Apple users to deactivate iMessage after receiving reliable information pertaining to its misuse. The company forwarded the message on X, mentioning that the misuse could make it possible for hackers to delve into users’ iPhones without the requirement to click any link. The misused portion is presently being sold on the dark web. The company stressed that the high-level account holders will be targeted the most.

The word misuse is used in common parlance, otherwise known as a zero-day exploit. This speaks of a cyber attack that takes advantage of an unidentified loophole in safety issues, either in the software or the hardware.

Trust Wallet claimed that crypto wallets on iPhones with iMessage active can be victims of this exploit. The CEO of Trust Wallet, Eowyn Chen, shared a screenshot that supposedly shows a prospective zero-day exploit being provided for sale for $2 million on the dark web.

The team at Trust Wallet suggests that users deactivate iMessage until Apple issues a safety patch. Some were seemingly doubtful about the reliability of the information. However, Trust Wallet mentioned that the source of the information was from their safety division. The company’s associates regularly look out for threats and ensure they are not the only ones with active crypto wallet social accounts. The upside is that any threat perception will immediately be informed.

Apple has been responsible for introducing emergency safety updates to look into two zero-day weaknesses taken advantage of on iPhones in March. Hackers have been known to get iMessage on their cross-hairs, as per the security researchers at Kaspersky.

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