Binance Adds WalletConnect Support to Its Trust Wallet App

Binance, the world’s largest digital currency exchange platform, sure knows how to make things more convenient consistently for its global user base. Recently, the popular exchange announced that its Trust Wallet application will now be available with WalletConnect as the process of integration has been completed. Binance users were notified about this latest development through the official announcement made by Binance on Twitter on 4th May 2019.

In order to make things clearer for the users, Binance provided further details through its official blog post. It stated that now users will be able to link & integrate with the Binance DEX in a hassle-free manner. Elaborating further, the post stated that this integration with WalletConnect would also make the utilization of a variety of decentralized applications more secure for its user base.

Trust Wallet is the decentralized official wallet offered by Binance to its users for sending, receiving as well as storing their digital assets. With its increased security and easy user interface, Trust Wallet simplifies the adoption of digital currencies for users across the world. As Trust Wallet is natively supported on Binance DEX, users can directly trade their crypto while enjoying complete control over their assets.

Thanks to its decision of integrating WalletConnect into its app, Trust Wallet would now be able to reach a broader audience and offer extended services seamlessly.

WalletConnect is an open protocol that allows crypto users to easily connect their wallets to decentralized desktop applications (dApps). For this, it relies on a thorough encryption method where users just have to scan the QR code to link to a dApp. With WalletConnect, it becomes possible for users to carry out interaction with any of the dApps minus compromising on their private key information. In addition, it also provides users with notifications to sign each transaction request on their mobile.

As WalletConnect has already integrated with the Binance DEX, users can simply scan the QR code of WalletConnect visible on the Binance DEX website and link their mobile wallet with the DEX.

Pedro Gomes, who created WalletConnect, also shared his views on this integration exclaiming how thrilled he was on seeing Trust Wallet extending its support to WalletConnect. It will bring the future of mobile experience on the blockchain of Ethereum to all its users, stated Gomes.

Trevor Holman

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