TRUSTECH2019—Key Moments Not to Be Missed!

From November 26–28, TRUSTECH, the annual meeting place for professionals of the card and digital trust technology industries, will present the latest industry trends at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. More than 100 renowned speakers will take the stage at this 2019 edition in the conference programme focusing on three main themes: Payments, Identification, and Security.

An excellent opportunity for the 8,000 expected attendees from around the world to discover concrete solutions to optimise their business activities and enrich their practices.

This year visitors will benefit from FREE and unlimited access to the event, including both the show floor and conferences.


How African Governments are facing Identity Needs and Challenges

Addressing the growing need for digital identification has become an essential task for governments across the world. Services requiring identity are now used in cross-border transport and flows, public administration, social inclusion programs, and more. This conference track provides an assessment of the progress in government practices in this field and addresses the latest challenges faced by governments in improving the experience, satisfaction, and safety of their citizens with a special focus this year on Africa.

Identity Schemes in Europe

In today’s digital world, governments are facing crucial orientations when building their identity schemes. It’s a challenging time—especially as governments are gradually moving their official documents to functional identities or mobile-based services. So, what lessons can be learned from these evolutions? What are the pros and cons of handling electronic and physical documents in terms of day-to-day use and with due regard to security? To what extent will physical identity documents still be needed in the future and how might their role evolve? This conference track brings together a panel of government representatives and market and technology experts to discuss, share experiences, and bring new perspectives to inform current and future strategies.

Identity and Biometrics for Smart Travel

Biometrics is increasingly used on a large scale. Facial recognition enters a new paradigm when combined with algorithmic progress and artificial intelligence. As a consequence, it favors biometric techniques via mobile authentication for identity verification and KYC. This conference addresses the growing importance of biometric and facial authentication and provides insights on the latest applications of secure biometric technologies and documents in various fields.

Banking IDs and Financial Authentication

Identity has become central to banking activities in a certain number of operations ranging from KYC to strong authentication processes. Making appropriate choices is key to handling customer relationships while managing risk and optimizing costs. Since September 2019, new standards are being applied in the EU for stronger client authentication. This conference will address identification and authentication requirements for the banking and financial sector. How does the financial market adapt to strong authentication? Which solutions are more efficient in practice for multichannel issues? How do we improve customers’ secure banking experience with new business models and identity technologies?

Payments and Secure Transactions

The payments sector continues to evolve, focusing on ease, speed, and security, with operations becoming more and more intertwined around digital identification. Non-cash payments are considerably growing around the world. This track addresses the central role of identification and authentication in the evolution of transactions and payments towards a cashless society. It takes a closer look at the European market for PSD2-based payments services: How are new payment infrastructures, open payment APIs, and transaction security progressing?

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Authentication

Digital authentication techniques and seals are used for a variety of brand protection, intelligent tracking, and tracing of products and anti-counterfeiting practices. Digital trust technologies provide a fresh impetus for addressing security and developing value-added services on both physical and virtual products. This track gives professionals the opportunity to discuss technologies around various fields and applications such as, supply chain verification, the fight against counterfeiting and fraud, the protection of consumer goods, the consolidation of tax stamping for excise goods, the modernisation of security layers on physical documents, tracing digital services and IoT strategies.

Data Privacy: New Scale and Global Reach

Privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity regulations are widely gaining in importance. Leaning on key texts of digital and privacy legislation, it provides an opportunity to get an updated and global understanding of the landscape of our data-driven society. The conference gives insight into useful practices for privacy implementation and compliance. It covers issues from privacy impact assessments to consent management and extraterritorial obligations.

Blockchain and AI for Identity, Authentication & Digital Currencies

In 2019, several leading IT companies announced the integration of Blockchain technologies to create millions of decentralised IDs capable of developing interactions between humans, organisations, and connected objects. At the same time, data analysis and cognition techniques are more intrinsically combined with biometrics and identity in related fields such as dynamic risk assessment, behavioral scoring, or social credit systems. This track will highlight several innovations in the fields of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence applied to the Identity and KYC, and will analyse their impact on user experience and trust as well as on the wider digital society.

Digital Trust and Cyber-Resilience

Cybersecurity evolves into cyber-resilience, a concept with a more proactive and comprehensive approach in which organisational and business risks are prioritised and carefully managed throughout their life cycle. This track addresses cyber-resilience frameworks and presents practical cases. It offers the opportunity to share different experiences related to identity management, risk assessment, event detection, and other best health and safety practices, aimed at improving cyber-resilience within organisations.

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