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Prior to the existence of Cosmos, the concept of blockchain interoperability was only just an idea that never came to fruition. However, with the ascent of this cryptocurrency, it has become a reality that different blockchain networks can be interconnected to streamline the distribution of digital assets.

The cryptocurrency, which was founded by Jae Kwon and Ethan Bochman in 2014, is now listed on 1xBit as one of the numerous payment options on the site.

What’s Special About Cosmos?

Cosmos has one major selling point that stands it out from other cryptocurrency inventions – the possibility that different blockchain networks can engage with each other to further make the transfer of digital assets from one network to another easier.

One effective tool that has been applied to make this interconnectivity between blockchain networks happen is Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC).

This whole advancement in the crypto space has changed the face of how transactions on the blockchain are processed and further steering the industry into new heights of possibilities.

Given how novel the entire functionality of Cosmos proves to be, it was not surprising that it garnered a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The cryptocurrency would end up skyrocketing in value in Q4 in 2021 by 370%, making it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies at the time.

If you have been using 1xBit for a while now, you will notice how particular the betting site can be about updating its payment platforms to include the finest crypto innovations. Considering how vastly applicable Cosmos proves to be, it is not surprising that 1xBit would make it available on the platform.

Advantages of Choosing 1xBit

Having discussed some of the pros of Cosmos, let’s dive into the benefits of betting at 1xBit.

Over 40 Cryptocurrencies

On the 1xBit website, your options are hardly limited as there are over 40 cryptocurrencies to pick from. As icing to the cake, the betting site also has a penchant for regularly updating its payment platform with even more cryptocurrencies. Regardless of the type of cryptocurrency you hold, you are likely to find it available on 1xBit.

Instant Payouts

With the platform focusing on providing only cryptocurrencies as payment options, transaction processing tends to be easier. With this platform, you can be sure to withdraw your winnings and have them reflected in your wallet in minutes. This is contrary to what is applicable with other sites where payouts could take as long as 48 hours to be processed.

Zero Fees

Another perk of using solely crypto payment solutions on 1xBit is the fact that you don’t have to bother about transaction charges. With 1xBit, regardless of the bulk of transactions made, you are charged next to nothing.

Total Anonymity

1xBit understands that not every bettor would like their identity disclosed. This is why the platform operates in such a way that no personal information is required from you in the process of registration. While registering your account, only two pieces of information will be required of you – email and password. Once you have filled in this data, you are assigned an account and can start playing for winnings.

7 BTC for New Users

No crypto betting website matches 1xBit in this regard. 1xBit understands how particular users can be about bonuses and decides to make a mark while at it. On the 1xBit as a new user, you are entitled to up to 7 BTC on your first four deposits. With this volume of bonuses at your disposal, you are given an edge to make the most out of your stakes and reach for a higher winning potential. Moreover, register with a promo code CryptoNewsZ and claim a 125% 1st deposit bonus!


Take advantage of this new opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. Register on 1xBit today and explore the possibilities of depositing with Cosmos!

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Brian Swayze is a news writer at CryptoNewsZ. He has a background in journalism and has been writing the latest news articles on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs, Blockchain gaming, and crypto gambling. He likes to swim, play tennis, and tour unexplored places.

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