Tsunami.Finance private mainnet goes live

At the present moment in time, Tsunami.Finance Private mainnet has gone live. Through this, users will find themselves in the position of being able to carry out swaps, as well as trade margin spots. All of this will be done without there being any price effect whatsoever. They will also be able to connect with 10X usage with there being a lesser fee amount on Aptos and having sustainable liquid yields. 

Through this, whether a user is winning or he is losing, he will still have the opportunity of being able to earn Web3 conventional rewards. He will also be in the position of being able to connect through a referral code or by finishing off with the testnet Odyssey. In turn, he will be due for a 2.5X points multiplier while the mainnet alpha remains shut. In the case of a greater number of tiers, there subsequently will be a greater number of rewards to be won. 

There will also be the possibility of carrying out trading of top tokens at a reasonable cost. The pooled liquidity method provides the opportunity for zero-price effect tradings, which also come with a significantly low fee structure. All of this, put together, makes Tsunami an extremely viable option where all of the connected traders are concerned. Through this, a user is also able to have earnings. 

The Tsunami LP acts as a pooled list of blue-chip cryptocurrencies. It is never a conventional liquidity pair. LPs are able to obtain trading fees straight from the connected traders who are into the utilization of Tsunami. LPs gather 70% of the generated fees. 

Trevor Holman

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