Twitter CEO Using Trezor’s Hardware Device to Store Bitcoin (BTC)

What crypto experts or big names in the market do with crypto does play an essential role in the market. Many amateur and experienced crypto investors and traders make their decisions on the actions taken by others. Knowing this fact, it would be essential to understand that the CEO of Twitter has been using Trezor to store more stock of Bitcoin.

Yes, he is back to cryptocurrency space yet again. Most recently, Dorsey shared his personal feed revealing that he has bought a hardware storage machine from Trezor. As we all know, Trezor is a key cryptocurrency wallet provider.

He also revealed the amount (a part of it) at which he has bought it. Depending on the amount disclosed, people are assuming that he has purchased a Trezor Model S. The market is assuming that the purpose of purchasing this device is the storage of bitcoins which he has been obtaining on a large scale since a recent time.

Jack has also revealed why he is choosing a Trezor device instead of a Ledger. Je said that  Ledger’s program is not fully open-source.  On his statement, one wallet developing team replied that the open source program is not a magical solution for everything. However, it is appreciable what jack is doing with BTC.

Know something more

Twitter CEO’s most recently posted public tweet regarding the crypto space or BTC comes in a few weeks when he has boosted his support for crypto space even during the bearish market.

Here is a little bit of history

The name Jack Dorsey is gaining feet in the Bitcoin space from nobody to somebody prime. He also arrived on the “Joe Rogan Experience” where he talked about a number of subjects which are eventually leading to Bitcoin. The host of this show brought a topic of Square’s crypto integration and how Bitcoin can be a universal currency.

Explaining this, the Twitter CEO said that.

“The Internet will have a single native currency, which will likely be Bitcoin. It is something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the internet. It is on the internet.”

After that podcast, he touted Bitcoin, praised Lightning Network and bashed a few altcoins like Tron and Ethereum. Twitter’s CEO’s involvement in this industry is crucial, but where will he be in the sector next and what will be his next step, is yet to know! People, however, are assuming that this all is going in the direction of accepting the Lightning Network.

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