Two ardent supporters of Worldcoin approach Malaysia’s government

Sam Altman and Alex Blania, two of the biggest supporters of the Worldcoin project, have approached Malaysia’s government officials to work out a viable deal. 

Blania is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tools of Humanity and is leading the building of the Worldcoin project. He had a conversation with an official of the Digital Ministry of Malaysia. In turn, the Digital Economy Corporation of Malaysia also spoke of their meeting with the officials of Nordstar and its associated companies, along with Worldcoin. 

Recently, Blania, along with Sam Altman, co-founder of Tools of Humanity, engaged in video calling with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim. 

All of this is taking place following a set of actions taken by the company to highlight its ongoing efforts regarding the project and its data collection and issues related to privacy aspects. The point being made is the company’s commitment towards adhering to all the regulations in Malaysia for running its business. 

The prime feature associated with the Worldcoin Project is that it can distinguish between human and AI-boosted entities. 

The company was up against two bans in Spain and Portugal in March. They were prevented from collecting data about individual’s personal details. Worldcoin provides cryptocurrency through WLD tokens once users’ eyeballs are scanned. This helps in building their world ID. This entire process is presently an entirely controversial issue. 

Once the project started dishing out WLD tokens to individuals, the company came under the radar of many countries like Germany, France, Argentina and others. South Korea, too, joined the fray. 

One of the prime factors behind all this controversy is due to Altman’s association with the project. He became popular as CEO of OpenAI and the builder of the advanced AI platform ChatGPT.  

As for Worldcoin, many were bewildered by the interest being shown by the government towards the project and were not ready for it. However, the government remains holding on to its stance. 

Towards the beginning of 2024, Tools for Humanity took the initiative to cement government ties by selecting the ex-US Ambassador to Austria, Trevor Traina, as head of international affairs.

In the words of Traina, the government must look closely into all matters and that is exactly what they are doing.  

Last month, Worldcoin released Personal Custody, involving new WorldID sign-ups that are restricted to asking for biometric data that is stored and encrypted. 

A short while after, the company declared that sign-ups for World IDs could have their details deleted. Age authentication would also be a priority for the company.

Trevor Holman

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