TWO TWO Partners with Binance

TWO TWO made the most exciting announcement of entering into a strategic partnership with Binance to launch rare and exclusive limited-edition NFT portfolios. The NFT portfolios to be launched include pop, urban, and curated street artworks of artists who participate in art exhibitions held only by private and exclusive art galleries.

The project launched by TWO TWO in partnership with Binance represents the art movement of Andy Warhol, and the artworks blend in smoothly with the Binance Genesis Collection. The artists of TWO TWO, Haring, Dali, and Basquiat, also known to the world as the best contemporary artists, now focus on creating exclusive artworks to further the partnership goals. The artists are collaborating with TWO TWO to enhance their artworks with virtual reality, augmented reality, and motion technologies. They are also working on the digitization and development of three-dimensional images of world-famous sculptures.

Apart from the launch of NFT portfolios, another objective of the partnership between TWO TWO and Binance is the launch of the much-awaited FLASHBACK Series. The two platforms are collaborating to conduct auctions of rare images of classic rock artists that include Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and more performers of the stellar Monterey Pop Festival of 1967. The images of the FLASHBACK Series are digital versions of never-printed-before photographic negatives provided exclusively to the platform of TWO TWO by the estate of the photographer. At present, the negatives of the photographs are stored in a vault. These negatives will be given to the winner of the auctions along with the NFT rewards.

Another objective of the partnership is to enable Binance to exhibit digital versions of artworks in the Gallery opening of TWO TWO at Resorts World of Las Vegas. Binance and TWO TWO collectively seek to eliminate the lines that separate digital, virtual, and gallery artworks.

Trevor Holman

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