TYB launches on Shopify and uses Avalanche to engage customers

Avalanche has announced a big advancement that strengthens the Web3 environment and will likely accelerate the community’s acceptance of it. According to the release, TYB will launch the Web3 loyalty program on the Shopify application. Millions of Shopify retailers will be able to benefit from the integration. Also, it will allow Shopify customers to have a better experience.

Brands will be able to use the way rewards are given to their customers to better connect with the community and build relationships with them. Customers will only be required to interact with the platform by purchasing a product or sharing social content. Their accounts will be automatically credited with the tokenized reward points.

Wallets are not required since the rewards or collectibles can be stored using the email address. Another way to explain this is that the onboarding process will not be smoother for anyone joining the platform, even if they do not have a wallet to connect.

Web3 is growing at a faster rate, and onboarding users is the best way to ensure that no one is missing out on the development. Tasks to be accomplished for a reward will differ from merchant to merchant. For instance, there could be a gamified challenge that a customer has to complete to earn the reward.

Interesting since some of the brands have already tested the mechanism for a successful result. Among those brands are JuneShine and Topical. Both brands, among others, have registered a deeper engagement with their customers, who hail from different parts of the world. TYB’s white-label solution has succeeded, with many more brands reporting a similar experience.

Avalanche comes into the picture by enabling merchants to create and distribute digital collectibles to the community. The collectibles have the built-in perk of driving customer engagement and delivering tangible results like a larger number of shares on social media platforms, among others.

Shopify creators do not need to have a wallet prior to or at the time of onboarding the platform, so creators can access the ecosystem without difficulty. They would still be able to benefit from the Web3 sphere while ensuring joining sessions run more smoothly than anticipated.

Calling Avalanche a perfect platform, Ty Haney, the CEO of TYB, has said that it is ideal for creating a tool where brands can roll out rewards for their contributors and fans.

Alex Danco, the Director of Product at Shopify, has stated that tokengating is the next big thing when it comes to engaging and retaining customers. Alex has added that they are happy to be working with TYB.


Web3 ensures that there are no obstacles for marketers to reach as many people as possible as the commerce landscape grows. In such a situation, firms need to establish relationships with customers so they will return the next time they wish to shop.

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