Ubik Capital announces a collaboration with Injective

Ubik Capital has announced joining hands with Injective. The collaboration comes with the objective of revolutionizing the DeFi landscape, that is the landscape of decentralized finance. Both will now unlock the possibilities of decentralized trading by leveraging the potential of the fully decentralized infrastructure of Injective. Major elements to come in handy are MEV resistance and advanced order types.

Meanwhile, Ubik Capital has shared that pre-registration for the .inj domain will commence this week.

Injective is backed by Pantera, Binance, and Mark Cuban. It has been offered the tag of the faster layer-1 blockchain that is specifically built for the finance sector. The collaboration with Ubik Capital aligns with the attempts of Injective to build the most dynamic finance ecosystem in the Web3 sphere.

Injective is thriving despite all the odds stacked against the market. It has, therefore, been described as the most thriving Cosmos Chain in the present times. The credit here is largely due to activities that are happening on Injective, its statistics, and updates released for the community.

Some elements that make Injective an ideal candidate for Ubik Capital in the partnership are its offerings.

  • It has been constructed with Cosmos SDK
  • It is the fastest PoS Layer 1 blockchain with over 100,000 transactions per second
  • It is compatible with IBC-enabled blockchains and non-EVM blockchains including, but not limited to, Solana, and with Ethereum
  • The ecosystem hosts more than a hundred projects like utility applications, NFTs, and DeFi.

Simply put, the ecosystem of Injective is not restricted to certain points. It rather expands to a larger aspect of Web3 like decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens. Injective recently brought the Polkadot parachain into the broader IBC ecosystem. This happened under the integration with Astar Network, marking the first time for the IBC ecosystem.

It has given access to Astar assets to the members of the ecosystem of Injective. Also, the larger community of Cosmos can access the ecosystem. Injective became the latest blockchain for Terra AMM Astroport.

Astroport was once the largest DeFi application on the protocol. It has been often credited with facilitating trading volumes in large quantities, amounting to millions of dollars.

Moving forward, Injective plans to undertake the following activities:

  • Injective Orbital Chains
  • Mesh Chain Network
  • Carcosa Upgrade
  • Multi VM Chains
  • Volan Upgrade

It recently burnt 5.6% of the total supply and has a habit of consistently burning commissions. More than 80% of the tokens are in circulation.

As for Ubik Capital, the team is coming from the announcement wherein it has mentioned that Ubik Capital will now harness the efficiencies of Solana. The objective is to drive innovation through cost-effective and lightning-fast mechanisms. Ubik Capital is building a future that is sustainable and accessible with minimal consumption of energy. Ubik Capital will utilize the capabilities of Solana’s proof-of-stake consensus.

While it has been a while since the announcement, there is no response from the community/ It can only be assumed that the results will speak for themselves.

Roxanne Williams

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