Ubisoft Becomes A Part Of The Ever-Growing List of Corporate Bakers At Tezos

Leading distributor, publisher, and creator of interactive gaming entertainment, Ubisoft, is now a part of the Tezos ecosystem as one of the top-tier corporate bakers. Ubisoft’s entry as a corporate baker on Tezos not only secures and validates the platform but also proves the transparency and reliability of the Tezos network. In the world of Tezos, Baking refers to the process of authentication of blocks through signing and publication. Tezos makes use of the well-known consensus model Liquid Proof of Stake to provide every token holder on the network with the choice of delegating their token assets to the bakery/baker in exchange for baking rights or staking rewards.

It is necessary to possess at least 8000 Tez for the operation of a single roll and to administer a node in order to become a baker on the Tezos ecosystem. It is the baker’s responsibility to accumulate more Tez and perform more rolls in order to bake more blocks and earn rewards. Through consistent baking, one can also play an active role in Tezos’ governance cycle.  As a part of this cycle, the bakers shall be able to cast their votes on the proposed upgrades to help with shaping future prospects. The President of Nomadic Labs and specialist of Tezos Blockchain, Michael Mauny, is of the opinion that the Tezos ecosystem shall become highly active in the upcoming months.

Scott Cook

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