UBRI Partners with 3 Universities for CBDC Research

Renowned Ripple’s UBRI project, i.e., University Blockchain Research Initiative, that runs accelerator programs for Blockchain, has partnered with NYU Abu Dhabi, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Reykjavik University, Iceland. This partnership aims to promote research and engage in innovation in Blockchain and digital payments.

This new edition is a part of the partnership along with 35 other global universities working together towards Blockchain research. UBRI was formed in 2018 to provide complete financial and technical resources to partnering universities and to collaborate with students and faculty for the research work. In addition to this, UBRI helps the Blockchain industry to move forward through innovative and technical resources.

For instance, Rutgers Law School’s Yuliya Guseva, one of the partnering universities of UBRI, researched crypto enforcement. Similarly, Oxford’s Said Business School will soon launch the Future of Finance and Technology Initiative and will have the sponsorship of UBRI for the Ph.D. research. After the launch, UBRI and other universities worked on 280 different research work along with 161 modified courses spreading over 18 countries.

Different Coursework by new university partners

Cape Town University

Cape Town University, the first African-based partner with UBRI, will design the master’s and doctoral curriculum in the FinTech field. The course will cover educating about protocols in payment and technology like Blockchain. Students from Economics Faculty will research issues like financial inclusion, secure digital identities, and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

New York University Abu Dhabi

Being the first UBRI partnering school in UAE, New York University Abu Dhabi will offer courses to students in the social science on studying new use of Digital Assets like “FinTech Innovation: Regulation, Technology and Finance” and “Cryptocurrency Economics.” The university will join other partnering universities to deploy research into CBDC. Ripple is excited to be in the Corporate Sprint Accelerator Program by startAD.

“Blockchain is the key to digital transformation helping to drive economic development  The global Blockchain market size of distributed ledger is predicted to reach $137.29 billion by 2027, with the growth rate of 62.7 percent between 2020 to 2027,” said Ramesh Jagannathan, the MD for startAD and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship.

Reykjavik University

The Reykjavik University of Iceland will work along with UBRI on a new vertical market using Blockchain and FinTech Research. Regarding the partnership with UBRI, Dr. Gisli Hjalmtysson, Dean at School of Technology at Reykjavik University, said, “This partnership with Ripple UBRI will help in expanding our reach of experiment with the models which our institute is researching using Ripple’s global network and professional platform.” Additionally, Reykjavik University is set to work with Ripple’s Iceland entity, the engineering hub of Ripple, to bring talent from the region.

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