UK Money Management App Emma Launches Crypto Exchange Integration

Cryptocurrency is receiving adaptation potential from several mainstream industries and enterprises that can venture into imploring how crypto can implement in their businesses for a better outcome. The newest to add to this list is the UK-based money management startup called Emma Technologies who is launching an integral crypto feature and expanding their venture into the cryptocurrency industry.

The technology startup is the mastermind behind the Emma app that works for Android and iOS users and focuses on the millennials. Basically, this app launched a program where you can affiliate it with your bank account and use it to navigate through your banking services, manage overdraft charges, be aware of your debts and manage your savings. The AI tool currently supports banking from HSBC, Barclays, and Bank of Scotland.

However, now the technologies have composed a new feature sporting cryptocurrency tools to allow the users to also track their bitcoins and ethereum with the help of it. Just as it affiliated with banks for previous services, the app will now be working with the top crypto exchanges to provide these services to its customers.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder of Emma, Edoardo Moreni, currently, Emma will only provide services for the two leading cryptocurrencies but it already grabbed the headlines by listing some of the leading crypto exchanges from the industry such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, BitStamp, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. Moreni further implies that the new service facility was the reason of high demand among its customers.

UK Money Management App Emma Launches Crypto Exchange Integration

Moreni says that launching with exchange APIs makes the work of integration process a little simple which sometimes can be tougher to expect from banks. Moreover, they are not limiting themselves to the present scenario and would therefore soon launch Litecoin and Dogecoin cryptocurrencies and expand their list of cryptocurrency exchanges as well.

As TechCrunch reported, Moreni said, “We see this as a huge opportunity, and if we are those who help people understand and invest in crypto for the first time, it fits with our core mission.” The team explains that cryptocurrency is undeniably the “new and emerging asset class.” As a result, it makes sense to make it their priority to provide the services for their customers when it comes to the new changes, and this helped them to launch the crypto integration feature for their app.

Emma, being a financial and service product, will work at providing cryptocurrency services for its customers. The team of the company is looking for ways to expand their work in this emerging industry by letting the users calculate their holdings and help them save some of it at the same time. They are planning on introducing new features related to crypto behavior which will also inform the users about the potential risks and rules.

If anything, it can be known as a smartly crafted idea of introducing cryptocurrency in an artificial-intelligence powered application and can be another sign of a new trend in the fintech startups industry.

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