Ultimate Digits partners with Chainlink BUILD

Ultimate Digits has decided to connect with the Chainlink BUILD program to quicken the process of expanding the overall ecosystem. Added to that will be the future acceptance of decentralized telephony and banking, via the connection with the community of Chainlink, as well as supporters and oracle solutions. It will also include technical backing and encourage increased crypto-economic safety. In return, Ultimate Digits will be required to offer network fees, along with certain advantages targeting Chainlink’s community, service providers, and stakers. 

The main focus of Ultimate Digits lies in creating a Web3 super application that helps ease crypto-based transactions by utilizing phone numbers in the form of crypto wallet addresses. The phone numbers will play the role of the initial identity profiler about Web3 utilities, in the same fashion the unified payments interface (UPI) eases transactions in India. All privacy-related factors will remain intact. 

Through the +999 prefix unknown online numbers in the form of NFTs, connected with the user’s mobile number, Ultimate Digits backs an inbuilt Web2.5 bridge. They intend to inculcate decentralized telephony solutions by utilizing LoRaWAN nodes in the fashion of a DePIN. Added to that will be on-chain OTPs and human-oriented transactions summarizing over text. There is also a Telegram mini application connecting users’ Telegram handles with their wallet addresses, thus having the benefit of utilizing Telegram to carry out transactions.

Ultimate Digits honed in on BUILD for gaining connectivity with the community of Chainlink, along with receiving heightened safety and dependability factors offered by its Oracle framework. The company will have the option of linking up with Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain crypto-based payments, as well as VRF for OTPs and authentication codes. In return, Ultimate Digits will part with a segment of its conventional token amount for Chainlink’s service providers and stakers.

According to the Co-Founder and CTO of Ultimate Digits, Ayan Uali, the decentralized computing solutions that Chainlink BUILD offers, will be of great benefit to them, along with their complete support that is now assured. 

When it comes to decentralized computing solutions that support the authenticated web, Chainlink is the standard. With its real-time data, off-chain computing, and safe cross-chain interoperability options, it has been the driving force behind a significant number of transactions across all blockchains, aimed at financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and builders. 


Ultimate Digits is a DePIN layer 3, connecting mobile numbers with Web3 identification and providing DePIN-oriented decentralized telephony. Their service assures total privacy at all times.

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