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UN to Offer Blockchain-based Services in East Africa

Healthcare and medical services are always a prioritized subject for all regions. While blockchain technology can assist in all major sectors, why not this?

UNODC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is going to collaborate with blockchain based medicine and psychology firm named Doc.com in order to provide essential healthcare services across Eastern Africa free of cost.

In an official letter, Philip de Andres, Regional Representative for UNODC’s Regional Office for Eastern Africa (ROEA) expressed the willingness to corporate with Doc.com on the new project. Doc.com is a technology firm that offers 24X7 telepsychology and telemedicine services through its platform which is based on the blockchain. These platforms deploy tokenized personal data to provide the medicinal and psychology services to the users. In the association with the UN, the company intends to both its platforms to the African market by the second quarter of 2019.

Till now, Doc.com was working in 20 countries, including its recent opening in the United States. It uses an ERC20-compatible token dubbed ‘MTC’ for its data and healthcare service ecosystem. The token is currently tradable on several crypto exchanges, like Singapore-based Coinbene and Kucoin. As given on the company website it holds over 130,000 users of its telemedicine services and almost 70,000 users of its telepsychology platform named ‘Emotions.’

Moreover, Doc.com is planning to expand its services U.S. on a larger level, covering more states. The firm is scheduling to open tokenized telemedicine service in the United Kingdom by March 2019. By the end of 2019, it will launch its services in the Asian region by entering in India.

The firm also confirms that it is going to introduce its in-house mainnet by Q1 2019, which will replace its current Ethereum-based ERC20 token system. Adding one more launch, it will roll out “doc Pets,” in the U.S. by Q2 2019. It is a system that can operate a subsidiary blockchain-based veterinary services.

Apart from that, some of the significant U.S. healthcare companies allied with an aim to evaluate blockchain solutions that would offer advancement in data integrity and security while decreasing the cost.


Ruti Vora

Ruti has recently joined CryptonewsZ as a writer and has been writing on other cryptocurrency sites as well. Having a background of tech field makes her versatile with a keen interest in literature. You will find her surrounded by books and music when she is not on work. You can also contact her on Linkedin or Facebook.
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