Unagi(x) integrates Chainlink CCIP on WEMIX3.0 Mainnet

Wemade, the preeminent gaming company in South Korea, and unagi(x), its interoperability engine, have formed an innovative alliance with Chainlink, an industry leader in decentralized computing networks, to forge the future of gaming on the WEMIX platform. 

This collaboration signifies that Chainlink’s CCIP principle is presently being utilized to actively maintain the unagi(x) Omni-chain functionalities and the WEMIX gaming ecosystem. This enables a seamless transition from on-chain to off-chain operations and signifies the imminent global significance of blockchain gaming technology.

The advent of the AAA MMORPG, entitled NIGHT CROWS, which will launch and be available in 170 countries on March 12th, will be the first to benefit from the integration between technology and culture. 

As the unagi and the underlying node run on Chainlink’s CCIP technology, NIGHT CROWS will portray industry-leading interoperability among six different blockchains: WEMIX, AVAX, KROMA, BNB CHAIN, ETHEREUM, and POLYGON. The gaming experience improves as this feature allows players to tokenize their in-game assets on their chain of choice. This, in turn, promotes a complete and comprehensive virtual world.

Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade, underlined Crust CPI’s major strength in allowing cross-chain token transfers and boasted about the technology’s future use in the Web3 gaming experience. 

The idea is to connect WEMIX to several chains, creating a unified multi-chain ecosystem that will allow NIGHT CROWS tokens and NFTs to flow between blockchains. Chang believes that this platform will create an omnichain gaming scene and an integrated digital economy, leading to significant growth opportunities in the larger Web3 sector.

Web3 gaming enthusiasts can now play NIGHT CROWS on different blockchains using unagi(x), thanks to Web3 CCIP, which allows for the smooth movement of in-game tokens and NFTs across networks. Users can effortlessly manage and transfer assets between supported networks to take advantage of multichain benefits using the una Wallet, an easy-to-use interface.

Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov stated that Wemade’s approach to developing blockchain-based games was one of the most important aspects of the entire blockchain economy. He noted that Chainlink will play an important role in enabling them to develop safe, forward-thinking connection solutions for blockchain games as a result of DeFi and gaming connections, which are projected to overlap.

Furthermore, the respected CCIP is due to the successful installation of Oracle services for a variety of decentralized apps (dApps) as well as the strong position of the DeFi Oracle services industry. Its capacity to allow programmable token transfers and the availability of an omnichain interface for application development were key factors in its selection as Wemade’s interoperability solution.

The integrative aspect of CCIP in unagi(x) not only grants NIGHT CROWS token owners a secure and seamless three-chain gaming interface but also lays the groundwork for the future of cross-chain gaming architecture, thereby providing developers and players with an extensive array of choices in the blockchain’s rapidly evolving domain.

Roxanne Williams

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