Unchained Music teams up with Avalanche

Unchained Music represents a genre of music that is likely to make it to the big stage in the coming days. It works in Web3, enabling artists to launch their music on all platforms with a single upload. It has now made an advancement that simply cannot be sidelined amid all the developments it is achieving in the current times.

Per the announcement on Twitter through its official handle, Unchained Music has publicly announced that it has partnered with Avalanche to deploy artist royalty capital on the C-chain of Avalanche. Several DeFi protocols will be involved to boost the scalability of this partnership.

Unchained Music has addressed Avalanche in the tweet as a platform for smart contracts that have been built to grow infinitely.

The community is already hooked on the idea, with most of them calling their partnership a great combination and another user saying they should be thankful for the power of subnets. A Twitter user named Whispering Wizard has even said that Avalanche subnets are truly amazing and would help members achieve their goals.

Partnerships are truly working for the ecosystem at Avalanche. A recent one was highlighted when Ava Labs partnered with SK Planet to expand its presence in the markets of Asia. The aim is to launch Avalanche Subnet UPTN in South Korea. The subnet is tasked with offering Web3 infrastructure in the said region.

If the words of John Nahas are anything to go by, then Avalanche has spent considerable time with the community of developers to understand how they work and what requirements can be fulfilled. These will now be leveraged to strengthen the network of Avalanche and, thereby, its presence in the market.

Calling the partnership with SK Planet their first marquee, the Vice President of the Avalanche Network has expressed confidence in it by stating that it will be a cornerstone of its strategy in South Korea.

Unchained Music has earned a reputation among independent artists, enormous thanks to its offering of 100 percent royalties to them. Meaning, Unchained Music does not take a single share of the royalties from artists. It instead allows them to have better financial results from their efforts.

What gives a boost to its reputation is the fact that the Web3 music distribution platform has been featured in CoinDesk, Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance. It is easy to join Unchained Music and easier to distribute the music on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon.

The Web3 music distribution facility extends to over 200 streaming platforms to give artists the stage they deserve. Unchained Music houses more than 10,000 artists and labels across the globe to support them in their journey of making it big in the music industry. Some notable artists on the platform are Joseph & Maia, Beacon Bloom, and Parichay.

Analyzing how Unchained Music is progressing with its roadmap, it will be only right to assume that the partnership between Unchained Music and Avalanche will surely blossom and yield fruitful results.

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