Understanding effective use case shows Avorak will likely outperform Chainlink

Real-world use cases are becoming more essential as cryptocurrency gains further mainstream adoption. And according to analysts, understanding effective use cases shows Avorak (AVRK) will likely outperform Chainlink (LINK).

Chainlink (LINK) price prediction

Chainlink has emerged as a prominent decentralized oracle network, establishing itself as a vital component within the Blockchain ecosystem. Its role as an intermediary between Blockchain smart contracts and real-world data has garnered widespread recognition and adoption. However, it is essential to note that LINK has been on an overall decline for the past 90 days. Nonetheless, analysts suggest with the expanding use cases for decentralized oracles and the escalating demand for reliable data sources, Chainlink (LINK) is poised to flourish, possibly reaching $10 by the end of 2023.

Avorak (AVRK): Leading with 100x?

Avorak is a new project seeking to simplify human-led tasks by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies. The practical applications of Avorak AI are already extensive, even while in its initial coin offering (ICO) phase. AVRK, the native utility token of the platform, provides access to AI-driven solutions that span various industries, including security management, data analytics, 3D computer graphics, architecture, content creation, and online shopping. The use of AI and Blockchain technologies ensures that Avorak can deliver unlimited solutions.

Avorak’s solutions are first-to-the-market, giving their users unparalleled advantages and enabling them to succeed immediately. For example, users benefit from data-driven trading strategies and automated trades across multiple assets and exchanges with Avorak’s pioneering trading bot. The Avorak Trade bot does a comprehensive market analysis and provides users with accurate price predictions alongside large sets of indicators. The bot also alerts its users whenever significant changes in trends or patterns occur in the market. Avorak (AVRK) has ensured the accessibility and usability of Avorak Trade by designing a non-code-based command-line input.

Avorak Trade

Avorak is constantly expanding its ecosystem, further enhancing the value and utility of the AVRK token. The project, for example, launched its NFT collection that combines AI, Blockchain technology, and unique digital art. Apart from the possibility of profits through trade, owning an Avorak NFT ensures free access to Avorak Trade, 50% off on several Avorak AI products, free access to the Avorak Conference (AvCon), and many other real-world utility benefits.

Apart from its use cases, several other features contribute to the high price targets by crypto analysts. For example, Avorak AI has a low market cap considering it in ICO, which allows it to surge by large volumes. Additionally, AVRK is deflationary and has a max supply of 40 million, which according to the supply of law and demand, its price is expected to increase over time.

Avorak AI has many competitive advantages, and the rapid increase in its investor count is a testament to the belief in its growth potential. AVRK is currently selling at $0.255 in the second-last phase of the ICO, and its launch price is set at $1.


While Chainlink (LINK) does have the potential for growth, the competitive advantages and value proposition by Avorak (AVRK) could see its price rise above not long after launch. 

For more information on Avorak AI:-

Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register

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