Unibot holders continue selloff; Investors switch to Bitbot

Unibot has laid the groundwork to help Telegram trading bots become an increasingly important part of the crypto trader’s weaponry. However, as Unibot is hit by coin holders selling off their holdings, Bitbot is arriving to take over with its revolutionary non-custodial Telegram trading bot. Learning from Unibot’s mistakes, Bitbot recently launched its crypto presale on the 17th of January 2024, releasing 300 million coins to be claimed throughout the 15-stage ICO.

With $507k already raised in just 28 days, early-stage investors are already starting to gain an advantage thanks to Bitbot’s cutting-edge features. With massive growth potential dwarfing that of Solana trading bots and capturing the imagination of crypto investors across the globe, here’s how Bitbot is driving a revolution among Telegram trading bots.

Are Telegram trading bots a flash in the pan?

With developments in crypto occurring at such breakneck speed, trading bots are increasingly widely used across the trading community. Trading bots enable users to automate their trading actions based on predetermined parameters or limits, saving them time. Along with similar solutions, such as Solana trading bots, Telegram trading bots are becoming increasingly popular, allowing users an even simpler UX by letting them set up trades directly within their Telegram app.

Unibot remains one of the biggest Telegram trading bots on the market, leading the evolution that saw massive progress in the sector in 2023 as the overall market saw a combined trading volume of $5 billion. With more than 800 million users worldwide, Bitbot has identified an enormous opportunity to be a leader in the growth of this market and is launching at the perfect time.

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot is revolutionizing the Telegram trading bot sector by creating a brand-new solution that does everything other trading bots do. In addition, it brings impregnable security and the backing of more than 100k followers on X and 6k followers on Telegram.

Since other Telegram trading bots, such as Unibot and Maestro, have had to overcome hacks in the region of $500k, and Banana Gun suffered an alleged rug-pull that led to more than 99% of its value disappearing within hours, security is at the forefront of Bitbot’s value proposition.

In addition to a slick UX, traders of all abilities can take advantage of Bitbot’s market-leading security features in partnership with KnightSafe.

Unlike Solana trading bots, Unibot, and other Telegram bots, users no longer have to trade accessibility for security. KnightSafe’s unique non-custodial solution is critical to what sets Bitbot apart from the competition.

Bitbot’s security offering

The critical feature of Bitbot’s security offering is a “not your keys, not your crypto” ethos. This means that users can connect cold wallets while retaining custody over their private keys and total control over their digital assets. Funds are only transferred once trades have been executed and completed.

KnightSafe enables this with multi-party computation keys instead of private keys, resulting in a multiple-key share system. No single party has full access to any users’ keys at any time, meaning that users can be assured of the security of their digital assets.

Other critical security features include anti-rug pull measures to protect against the type of scam that hit Banana Gun and anti-MEV bots to prevent users from being targeted by transaction fee-inflating MEV bots.

What else elevates Bitbot above the competition?

While security is one of Bitbot’s main priorities, it also provides users with a seamless, easy, and efficient trading experience through various outstanding features.

The automated trade sniping feature allows users to set predefined tolerances and limits that empower Bitbot to execute trades automatically on their behalf. This means Bitbot employs a “buy low, sell high” ethos while working within gas fee limits set by the user.

Meanwhile, users also benefit from automated tools that scour the internet to identify the most lucrative presale opportunities, hidden gems, and unpolished diamonds. The Gem Scanner and Alpha List continuously monitor the web and social media to help users maximize the profitability of their trading journeys by cutting through the white noise.

What price level can Bitbot achieve?

Crypto markets are undergoing a volatile period as they prepare themselves for the impending Bitcoin (BTC) halving event and an expected bull run. This is illustrated by the Unibot price performance, which has seen it fall in less than a fortnight from $108.32 to its $62.06 level at the time of writing.

However, with history suggesting that a return to bullish market conditions will follow the Bitcoin halving, Bitbot couldn’t have timed its presale launch better.

Indeed, memories of Unibot’s 200x price pump from its presale price last year, which saw it break the $200 barrier as reported by CoinDesk while driving a market cap of more than $200 million, remain fresh and illustrate the rich potential of Telegram trading bots.

With Bitbot’s superior offering compared to Unibot and Solana trading bots, analysts predict a growth potential of 50x in 2024 before the coin takes off during the next bull run and potentially explodes to more than 100x in 2025.

Bitbot: Don’t miss out on this Telegram trading revolution

While Unibot remains number one in the Telegram trading bot space with a $61 million market cap at the time of writing, analysts are united in their view that its time at the head of the market is running out.

Bitbot’s superior product doesn’t just power the Telegram trading bot revolution and promising market cap. Still, it also has a slick UX for traders of all skills and automated trading tools. It provides a well-rounded, highly secure platform where everyone can trade safely, knowing their digital assets are protected from hackers and scammers.

The Bitbot presale remains in its infancy, with tokens available at just $0.011 in stage 3 of its ICO. However, tokens are selling fast, meaning investors wanting to maximize their returns before the coin launches into the public consciousness must move quickly.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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